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Eainor (pronounced ay-nor), is a world full of magic and magical races. A pantheon of benevolent gods watch over Eainor. In the early days, the gods often spoke to and worked with the peoples of their world to create marvelous creations. However, all but the eldest races had estranged themselves from the gods so long ago that hardly anyone believes they are anything but a foolish myth. Certain races have inherent magic, but the ability to learn magic is within all who walk the land of Eainor. The drive to learn magic, however, is only within a select few. Learning magic is an intense process. Only the most determined have the will to withstand it, but the rewards are bounteous. Those who have learned all they can from magic will find greatness in power, influence, and self-resolve, but not always for good; great magical power takes away the need for human interaction, which can lead to evil. However, magic does not take from one's rationalization, so there are just as many good and bad magicians as there are people. Enjoy