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Order of Mnemothos


The Order of Mnemothos has no rigid hierarchy, and lacks any form of central power. Cloisters and abbeys are free to organise their daily life as they wish, as long as they adhere to the tenets of Mnemothos. However, some general organizational structures can be found in most halls of the order.   Acolytes who would like to join the order are free to request so at their local chapter. The monks are usually happy to take in new members, as not many hear the call to serving Mnemothos in life. A new acolyte will then learn the arts of healing, soothing, and palliative care from other monks. Acolytes are also taught how to read and write, and instructed in other essential sciences like mathematics and medicine.   If the monks of a chapter find an acolyte worthy, they are officially inducted into the order. The acolyte pledges to uphold the tenets of Mnemothos, and is allowed to wear the grey and crimson robes of the order, becoming a monk. Most members remain monks for the rest of their lives.   Those who want to specialize in the gathering and seeking of knowledge become archivists. Most chapters have at least one archivist, who is responsible for cataloguing and managing the location’s library and archive. Archivists also organise expeditions to ancient ruins and other sites where forgotten knowledge could be unearthed. The title most civilians associate with the Order of Mnemothos is that of mortician. Morticians come to villages and cities to help people bury their dead, and give spiritual and mental guidance to the mourning living. Theirs is a profession which is both respected and feared: the arrival of a mortician makes death all the more real, something many living have a hard time dealing with. In common parlance, morticians are also called ferrymen, as they are seen as the one who take the souls of the dead across the metaphorical river into the realms of the dead.


Known members:

Known members:
  • Jahani


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