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Mythantine is a deadly combination of adamantine's strength and mythrial's lack of weight. Its usage dates back to the Age of Enlightenment. Back then the Colossus Goihbniu used it to forge his mythical gear. He taught his followers, Goihbniu Clan how to forge Mythantine into powerful gear.


Geology & Geography

Mythantine can only be found deep under the Magunta Mountains where the Goihbniu Clan lives.

History & Usage


Mythantine has been used to forge weapons and armor seince the Age of Enlightenment. The first user of it was the Colossus Goihbniu. Goihbniu used Mythantine to forge the weapons of the Colossi. These weapons and armor were beyond powerful, so much so that if a mortal touched one, they would go mad. Goihbniu knew the way to tap into Mythantine's potential and give the weilder access to all the posibilites a Mythantine weapon possessed. Goihbniu had a group of followers who would help him forge gear called the Goihbniu Clan. Goihbniu would pass his secrets of forging Mythantine to these dwarves. However, he only told them how to harness a fraction of Mythantine's power, not the entirety of it.
In the modern age, only the Goihbniu Clan knows how to forge Mythantine into weapons due to Goihbniu's passing.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Weapons and gear created with Mythantine are considered the strongest of the strongest. These tools are only possessed by the richest, strongest, and smartest. Different cultures may use this power differently. Some may worship it like a god, others weild it in the midst of battle.

Manufacturing & Products

Weapons and armor are forged by the Goihbniu Clan using Mythantine. Currently, only the Goihbniu Clan has access to the ore and the knowladge of how to safely shape it into powerful weapons and protective armor.


Touching raw Mythantine without the proper protection(Iron gauntlets) will result in madness. The toucher feels the infinite potential of Mythantine and the effect takes place immediately.


Trade & Market

Mythantine is a highly coveted ore. Because of its location the Goihbniu Clan has exclusive access to it. Even though some of their members leave their clan's home to work in the cities, the Goihbniu Clan will not ship this resource out. Piecies of Mythantine gear and bars can be found scattered around the world. These pieces are very rare and have been hidden seince the Age of Enlightenment. A few of these pieces have been recovered and are treated as powerful artifacts in terms of value. Mythantine's prices constantly fluxuate, and finding where pieces are sold is extreemly difficult.


Mythantine is a very dangerous metal. It has powerful properties which if it is not tempered, will change the person who touches it. Weapons forged from Mythantine by the Goihbniu Clan focus on one specific power of Mythantine. Raw pieces of Mythantine contains so much untempered potential that anyone who touches it without the proper tools goes mad. Mythantine is stored in an iron box. Iron is the only way to contain Mythantine's maddening power.
Only found in one spot in the world

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