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Wendelin Ambrosius zu Bücherfelde

Clara didn't know why, but suddenly she put her index finger on the coat of arms and ran it three times clockwise and three times in the opposite direction. It began to glow golden beneath the blazonry and the thread woven into it as a bookmark was pulled into the book along with the wooden figure. The coat of arms opened and a curled animal, resembling a caterpillar with wings, floated on a cloud of light and cottony mist. It was no bigger than a child's hand and when it unrolled itself, stretched its thin little arms into the air and spread its wings, the sight took the children's breath away. ...

It cleared its throat: “May I introduce myself?” Since Clara, Moritz and Seraphine gave no answer out of sheer astonishment, but the caterpillar-like something became more and more impatient, it bowed and said in a friendly, slightly exuberant voice: "My name is Wendelin Ambrosius zu Bücherfelde - your faithful servant!".
Excerpt from the draft of the novel -
His Eminence zu Bücherfelde was sitting at the window reading one of the countless books in the Great Library of Aqila when I visited him. At over 900 years old, he was the oldest Lextari, who ever lived on Elaqitan. Actually, Bibliophile don't live longer than about 850 years, but since he was away from this world for a while and took on a different form, this could have extended his life.   The Elaqitanian Heavenly Messenger had commissioned me to write an article about the adventurous life of Elaqitan's most famous Lextari. Over a pot of moon rose tea and a few spiced cookies, we chatted about his life:


Elaqitan: Khaitou "knowing Rainbow"
Earth: Wendelin "patron saint of shepherds" / Ambrosius "divine, one of the immortals"
Title: Eminence of the Elements


Physical characteristics

Species: Lextari - Bibliophile 1st class
Length: approx. 17 cm
Weight: approx. 20 g
Skin/Segments: rainbow colored, blue-green dotted, yellow belly
Eyes: 4 pink ones
Age: 914 years
Special features: Beauty mark on the right cheek, flame-colored little horns on the nose and under the chin, curved horn on the headboard
Accessories: very large monocle on the nose
Attitude: impatient, strict, upright

Motto: "Life is a puzzle, you just have to put it together correctly."


  • 1,791 BEC Birth in Aqila
  • 1,926 BEC Wedding flight with young queen Isabeau of Taen Wòtris
  • 1,949 BEC Appointed Librarian of the Great Library of Aqila
  • 2,253 BEC Appointment as passenger Lextari 1st class
  • 2,301 BEC Lextari Ambassador on Layida
  • 2,387 BEC 1. Elaqitan world tour
  • 2,410 BEC Lextari Ambassador on Brictaelgis
  • 2,485 BEC Lextari Ambassador to Téshàn
  • 2,563 BEC 2. Elaqitan world tour
  • 2,612 BEC Lextari Ambassador on Ulűri̋qi̋
  • 2,653 BEC Council seat in the Grand Council of the Elaqitanians
  • 2,699 BEC Portal journey into the human world (time in Elaqitan is frozen by jumping through the portal)
  • 2,700 BEC Eminence Appointment
  • 2,703 BEC Publication "Of one who set out to be human - Memoirs of a Lextari"
Jump through the portal into the human world
by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage

Important stages of his life

When the Lextari hatched from an egg in a bibliophile nest in the Great Library of Aqila in 1,791 after the council was founded, his mother gave him the name Khaitou, which means knowing rainbow. Perhaps an omen - because only the markings on his skin showed a rainbow.   At first, like all Lextari, he was just a keeper of individual books. He began to be interested in foreign countries and stories of heroes and adventures at an early age. His thirst for knowledge was so great that he was appointed librarian at the age of 158 and traveler appointed 304 years later.   Over the next 50 years he made short trips to the individual libraries of the four Elaqitels, to get to know their book collections. He was later appointed ambassador of the Lextari on each continent for around ten years, which allowed him to expand his skills in rhetoric and argumentation as well as his knowledge of the individual customs and traditions of the different Elaqitanian ethnic groups.   Between his duties as ambassador, the Lextari undertook two major world voyages throughout Elaqitan, which lasted several years and took him to the most remote places on the globe. Of course, all his travels were not without danger. Carnivorous plants, ghostly dragons and predators lurked everywhere. Many of his anecdotes can be read in his memoirs "Of one who set out to be human", published by the Lextari in 2.703 BEC.   The greatest honor in his life was certainly the investiture as a member of the seat of the Grand Council of Elaqitan in 2,653 BEC, which is only given to the eldest Lextari. When the conflict with the Homo Elaqitanii intensified and they declared war on the Elaqitels, he was chosen to enter the human world.
Iwas sent through a Mirror Gate into your world to find someone to save Elaqitan. A Layijin transformed me into a human when I jumped through the portal so that I could walk among you without causing a stir. In addition to a book, I carried some Layijin magical things with me so that I could navigate your world.
Excerpt from the draft of the novel -

According to his information, he landed in an electorate called Saxony in 1710 AD and opened a small shop in the residential city. Like all dragons, he had no trouble learning the language of the land. For his mission he changed his name to Wendelin Ambrosius zu Bücherfelde after he read the meaning of the names and found them suitable for his order. It took over 200 years until an elderly couple entered his shop and he was finally able to hand over the book he had taken with him to its rightful owners. With the handover, the magic that had made him human dissolved and he was drawn into a small wooden figure attached to the book.

This is how he came to three human children - Clara, Moritz and Seraphine - whom he helped to get to know the world of Elaqitan and prepare them for their great journey through one of the portals. He taught them the dangers of the Elaqitanian continents and customs and encouraged them to never give up and always look for solutions.   When he returned through the portals, he was separated from the children. Only with the help of other Elaqitanians did they come together again. Many heroic stories and poems that were written and sung after peace came tell of their common fight against the Homo Elaqitanii. The Elaqitanian Council awarded him the title "Eminence of the Elements" and honored him for his demonstrated heroism.


Excerpt from the interview

How has your motto "Life is a puzzle..." influenced your life?
"Well, I am a being who goes through life with his four eyes open. I was interested in a lot of things from an early age. In addition, I am very impatient and I feel inner restlessness when problems cannot be solved. One of my teachers told me first of all, that I could understand the connections between elements and phenomena and recognize potential dangers and problems before others do. These were certainly all very good prerequisites or my puzzle pieces for becoming what I am today."
What are the most important experiences you have had in your life?
"Of course, learning to read has to come first. This was the only way to learn and later teach others. I also read a lot of stories about adventures and heroes. On afternoon trips to parks and forests I was able to discover the world in a completely different way and for my first 100 "youthful" years, I was a hero in my little adventures around here. Of course, this pushed me to expand my knowledge in the hopes of one day becoming a traveling Lextari."

What was going through your mind when you were chosen to travel into the human world and how did you prepare for it?
"Well, I was chosen because I'm the oldest and therefore most experienced of the Lextari. I wasn't a trained fighter or magician, nor am I strong or fast. I felt honored, of course, but I didn't have much time to say goodbye to my friends. I didn't know how long this trip would take or if I would ever be able to return. So I left Elaqitan with a smile of anticipation and a teary eye full of uncertainty."


During my conversation with his Eminence and through encounters with companions and friends, I learned some additional character strengths and weaknesses, which I would only like to mention briefly here.

  • dutifully, optimistic, risk-taking, loves variety, creative, courageous
  • interested in the world, likes to travel
  • sharp, rational, logical, cannot be manipulated
  • likes to take on new challenges
  • enjoys helping others with their development
  • communicative, confident, competent
  • can explain complicated theories simply
  • loves surprises and is spontaneous
  • likes discussions where he can present his arguments
  • Negative
  • “annoying” with too much information
  • easily overestimates itself, self-important
  • high standards, is easily distracted
  • it is difficult to tolerate other people's mistakes and to admit one's own weaknesses
  • is bothered by unreasonable and illogical behavior
  • lack of empathy, cold, indifferent to other people's feelings
  • high level of tolerance towards criticism and conflict
  • What tip do you have for surviving in the world of the people behind the portals?
    "This world is full of wars, selfishness, people suffering from starvation and the oppressed. If you want to survive there, you have to learn not to stand out in the crowd and how to subordinate yourself, otherwise you will be "eaten". That was really the hardest thing for me. I like being in company. I'm really happy to be back to spend the rest of my life here."
    Who surprised you the most on your journey between here and the human world?
    "These were certainly our heroes Clara, Moritz and Seraphine. In the human world they were actually children whose home had been destroyed in a terrible war. They knew nothing about real magic, our world and the creatures that live here. While during our journey they have outgrown themselves and exceeded their limits to save our world."
    Would you say you have had a fulfilling life or would you like to turn back time again?
    "I've had an adventurous and amazing life and I wouldn't want to turn back time. However, when you live as long as I have, you see friends and companions leave you and leave you behind. But I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the next life."

    Cover image: Elaqitanian Characters by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage


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