Sword of glowing Lava

Professor, what happened to the sword?

Now the traditions about Tiala say that after the queen's death, her most loyal followers have brought the sword in a procession back to Mount Yashkala and there again handed it over to the fire.

- Conversation between Eleve of the School of Fire Magic and a teacher -

According to Layikani legend, Tiala of Halibiki once owned the sharpest sword, forged by the god of smith fire Bibanimuto in Layida's highest mountain, Yashkala. His hilt was made of obsidian. The blade was encased in a thin layer of never-hardening lava, which flowed through the fine chisels of the edge to form the sword's veins. With Tiala's power, the lava glowed brighter and moved faster between the decorations, as if channeling its owner's magic. Using the power of the sword, she struck down her enemies, killed dangerous mythical creatures, and became the first leader of the Layikani.
Sword of glowing Lava by Blue Fairy 74 via Midjourney

Cover image: Myths & Legends of the four Elements by Blue Fairy 74 - Midjourney-Collage


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