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Elaqitan - The Globe (e:.la.ki.ta:n)

Elaqitan is the world of the elements. The residents are called Elaqitanians.

Elaqitan consists of the five continents of Idaka in the west, Brictælgis in the north-central, Layida on the south-central, Téshàn in den northeast and Ulűri̋qi̋ in the southeast.

At a glance

Total area: approx. 95.000 km²
Land mass: approx. 48.600 km² corresponds to approx 51,15%
Water mass: approx. 46.400 km² corresponds to approx 48,85%
Largest continent: Brictaelgis approx. 12.800 km²
Largest Sea: Îbimiqùrií approx. 11.500 km² (Ulúri̋qi̋)
Largest Island: Milúúlùhû approx. 2.200 km² (Ulúri̋qi̋)
Highest mountain: Éró Hêphîx 7.412 m (Téshán)
Longest river: Ami-Sikil 1.595 km (Idaka)
Largest City: Aqila 752 km² / 501.205 inhabitants (Aqitalú)
Tree of the world: Aqi Talúsix 653 m / 5.435 m³



The continents of Elaqitan "swim" on thirteen plates that either diverge (drift apart) or converge (collide).

The Elaqis Plate, on which the island of Aqitalú is located, is the only plate that "rubbing" with the Brictis, Balayiba, Téshté and Qírí Plates by strike faulting.

Oceanic Plates

Idabri, Miqu, Ningal, Qírí, Wamwaja
Continental Plates

Balayiba, Brictis, Elaqis, Eslaec, Idakische, Layiti, Sátáx, Téshté


Climate Zones

Elaqitan has a total of six climate zones:

  • the south and north polar Mi-Usdur zone and Ak-Usdur zone
  • the northern and southern temperate Wôdrûd zone and Ibûrû zone
  • the northern and southern suptropical Hépútú Zone and Ongotub Zone
It should be noted that the northern zones are always cold zones and the southern zones are always warm zones.

Even if the island of Aqitalú is located within the subtropical Hépútú zone, there is no climatic zone here like on the rest of the continents. Through the magic of the world tree, every visitor can "move" in the climatic zone of his homeland.


The continents

Aqitalú Island of elements

The Isle of Elements is the heart of Elaqitan, connecting the four continents of elements through the roots of the World Tree.

The continent is located in the middle north and is characterized by lush meadows between colored mountains and green hills and forests.

Located in the south-central region, the continent is teeming with volcanoes, geysers and thrive with thermophilic organisms that are extremely well adapted to the high temperatures.

The continent is in the northeast and many of its areas lie between heaven and earth in the clouds.

The continent lies in the southeast and offers a rich diversity under water.

The continent lies in the west and is characterized by some hostile areas.

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