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Dynasty of Magic

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Magic - a mystical and powerful force. It is a word used when the impossible happens, and no explanation exists. Magic is the cause; impossibility is the effect.   But humans are nothing if not curious. How did we get to this point? What are the forces shaping the world? Why do some men wield such power and renown while others die in obscurity?   This is a world of progress. It is a world were men inquire and learn. It is about humans developing over time and harnessing forces once thought unknowable. The forces of nature bind the actions of mankind, but eventually they bind it to their own will.   Sorcery, gods, mystics, the aether: these are concepts that men dismissed for so long as 'magic'. This is the story of how they adapted and learned from these things. This is how they made the unknowable knowable.   This is how the world killed magic.