The Billhooks are a gang of smugglers operating in Dorn, mostly in Redrock Citadel. They were named after the boat hooks used by canal gondolas in Redrock, that are also often used as weapons by the gang. They deal in illegal goods, smuggled from out of Dorn, mostly drugs and weapons. Recently, they have had some success in the smuggling of people out of the country, mostly due to the political situation.   The billhooks are relatively small, but due to their network of contacts and clients, they are well known as the best smugglers in the business. Some believe that Lord Scurlock all but owns the gang, as their primary benefactor, using them to smuggle art and other goods in and out of the country.


The Billhooks are led by a triumvirate: Redeye, Mercer, and Hush. Redeye handles air cargo, Mercer handles water, and Hush handles land.
Illicit, Gang


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