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  • Map of Faerun
  • Map of Waterdeep

    Most pins are listed with "Building Use", "Building Class", "# of levels". There are some special locations that may contain multiple structures or otherwise can't be so simply defined.

    System of Wards

    Since the Year of Falling Stars (1035 DR), Waterdeep has been divided for the purposes of governance and security into a system of wards or civic districts. Although no formal boundaries mark their borders, the six recognized wards of Waterdeep are Castle Ward, Dock Ward, North Ward, Sea Ward, Southern Ward, Trades Ward, and Field Ward. The City of the Dead is nearly a seventh ward unto itself, and Deepwater Harbor, and the surrounding islands form an informal eighth ward. The Field Ward is another informal Ward.   The map shows the wards of the city and the boundaries between them.


    Building Class

    Building class is an artificial categorization of structures into one of four groups (described below), sufficient to allow the DM to describe the building on the fly.   Class A Buildings: Class A buildings are always unique and distinctive landmarks of any scale. Most, however, are of a large and grandiose nature, almost built as much for show as for use. Examples include the city's public structures, major temples, and the nobles' villas.   Class B Buildings: Class B buildings cover the larger, more successful and elaborate single buildings within the city. They have up to six stories, and might have extensive cellars (usually connected to the sewers at some point). Most inns and guildhalls fall into this class. Examples include grand houses and mansions, prosperous businesses, large warehouses, and the guildhalls.   Class C Buildings: The great majority of buildings in Waterdeep are Class C - the tall row houses that line the streets to heights up to five stories. Row houses usually have shops on the ground floor, with offices.or apartments above that. While not always multi-story row houses, this class includes many of the better-kept taverns and rooming houses in the city as well.   Class D Buildings: Class D buildings are lesser buildings, usually one-story wooden buildings used as small warehouses, individual homes, and storage sheds for Waterdeep's lower classes. Such buildings are mainly found in Dock Ward, southernmost Castle Ward, and, in smaller numbers, in Southern Ward and Trades Ward.