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Dusk City by Night

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Dusk City by Night is a Play by Email game where you play as one of the Awakened, vampires who live among and apart from humanity.   You will be thrust into the midst of a competition to prove your worthiness to lead, while also tangling with issues of morality and consequence. Vie for territory and influence through manipulation, persuasion, or force. Forge connections with players and NPCs alike in order to pursue whatever plotlines and personal quests catch your attention. Take advantage of the powers that Awakening has granted you, while being wary of the price that comes with your power. Pay careful attention to the Tether that binds you to humanity - too close, and feeding may become unthinkable. Too far, and it becomes all too easy.   And, above all, remember: with every choice there is a consequence, and the city does not forget so easily.

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