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Hahyrst is located in Kaestedal Empire which is next to the sea.   Hahyrst is home to c.1000 people. Of which there are 3 noble houses consisting of the Highhorb, Redthorne and Hartsfane houses. The house of Highhorb is the main owner of most dock vessels from Hahyrst. The house of Redthorne is known for their trained town levy and lumber exports. Also rumored connections of a local crime syndicate. The house of Hartsfane owns 40% of all farmers and work as a coalition. They also sponsor many community events.   Hahyrst has two popular inns. The Drunken Elf and the Coin Toss. the Drunken Elf is home to normal patrons of all walks of life and hosts a pub quiz every week and rooms for travelers. The Coin Toss is a gambler's den and quite run down. Many parties and controversies spark out of here. Requires an invite to the secret parties.


The council of Hahyrst is run by three councilor representitives each from one of the three noble houses.

Guilds and Factions

The three noble houses: Highhorb, Redthorne and Hartsfane houses. Also the local thieves' guild which is believed to have been closed down after a government raid. Also the traders' association which is an anti thieves' guild neighbourhood watch militia.


Hahyrst was funded by three friends which expanded to be the major noble houses. Hahyrst existed just before the split.  

civil War

The Hahyrst civil war was a war between the three houses back when tensions were high.
Owning Organization
The Kaestedal Empire

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