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The year BD 3056

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Old and filled with rich history, Dunora now on verge of new conflicts and tensions with the bloodied revolution which has broken Aspya up. Some countries have taken sides and back up different Aspyan groups openly or secretly while others from the west keep neutral.   Yet neutral for long they can not be, as conflict draws ever closer and lines are being blurred, who is to say their lands aren't being devided by vultures right now?   The major east factions of Swiania and Kaestedal begin border tensions as new leaders disagree on matters meanwhile in the deserts clans meet and talk of electing a sultan from the growing northern threat.   Many glory seeking merceneries grow fat off the land's misery, who is to say what tomorrow's borders may be and who will rule them?

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Pilgrims of treason

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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