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Welcome to Dunia a place where mythological creatures and heroes do battle, here the monsters are monstrous and the premise is gritty.   Dunia is a world filled with peril where monstrous races swarm in legions of countless numbers, most of which came in to existence as a result of a cataclysmic event some two millennia ago. Immense megalithic rocks fell from the skies above shaking the earth below forming great chasms and towering jagged mountain ranges, the sundered landmasses bare these scars to this day in the form of deep gorges & vast wastelands. These remote uninhabitable lands are warped by chaotic energies corrupting the ecosystem, spawning all manner of malevolent mutants. The last remaining bastions of humanity stand in defiance to the waves of incursions crashing against their borders, but for how long can they stem the tide?   These are The Grim Lore Sagas.

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