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Imagine a world, flat as a pancake, and shaped like an egg. This is the center of the known universe, and even the sun is circling around it, as the only thing that keeps the landmasses from just falling apart, is a gigantic worm holding everything together.   This world is named Dumroth, by the mortal creatures living in the land of Dumroth on the eastern continent. Dumroth is not the only land, of course, there is also Ødelandet, Gongol, Beleri, Salat and Jul, and Plask. The western continent of Telinor, is where the gods live. They didn't really do much to shape the world, but they are the bureaucrats holding it together, making sure the laws of nature functions as it should. The gods and the celestial beings usually keeps to themselves, away from the mortals, but it just happens, every once in a while, a god crosses over, into the eastern continent of Dumroth, and just wanders around.   These celestial wanderings causes legends, myths, and adventures to happen. What if one was to meet one of the gods? Could even a mortal creature possibly become one?   Welcome to Dumroth!