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Werelions are humanoids with the ability to turn into lions and lion-humanoid hybrids. Powerful warriors and canny hunters, these lycanthropes prowl warm grasslands or snow-capped mountains seemingly content in the superiority of their way of life.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Lionfolk is big and well-muscled, standing well over 6 feet tall, sometimes even reaching 7 feet. Lionfolk, like the rest of the beastfolk, has small claws for nails, though they are usually not sharp enough for combat. Lion have blond, bushy hair on their forearms and shins, and they generally have light skin tones, but they show only mild effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight over long periods. Male lionfolk have bushy blond hair and beards that resemble a lion's mane, but can sometimes be reddish in hue. Lionfolk, like all beastfolk, walks on human-shaped feet instead of animal-like paws. Lionfolk faces resemble that of a lion, with eyes that vary in color like that of a human.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Lionfolk lives by strong ethical and moral codes, placing the needs and lives of others over their own. Though their adherence to their ways can make them rigid and arrogant, they are, at best, honest and forthright. This demeanor stems from a culture they adopted while living on Krata. They placed loyalty to their leaders and perfection of skill above all else. In time, this created a society of warriors who valued honor, courage, and might in battle above all else. This has bled into their identity today.   The ethical and moral norms lionfolk place on themselves can vary between each lionfolk; no two are the same. However, their interpretation of any model, no matter how few or minor, is strict, maybe even rigid. In most case, lionfolk will adopt the rules of their job or career, holding to all regulations with almost ironclad devotion. This can create a penchant for fanaticism or even an inflexible interpretation of the law. From a moral perspective, they will often hold to certain acts as unrelated to their ways or opposite to what they believe; they will avoid it altogether, even going so far as to report those who commit even a minor offense.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Lionfolk, like all beastfolk, adopts traditionally human names, but will also take names derived from characteristics of beasts. example for Male: Any human name, as well as Claw, Tooth, Leo, or Mane example for Female: Any human name, as well as Paw and Fur

Common Dress Code

Lionfolk shows little preference in the clothing they wear, emulating the fashion of the province they live in, though it is more to keep up appearances as most clothes sold in Korrik don't fit lionfolk easily. Most lionfolk prefer to wear shirts and pants instead of the overly pretentious clothes many of the wealthy in the island nation put on. Due to their strong affiliation with the White Lance, lionfolk are found primarily in Whiteguard, though pockets will be spotted throughout the country's major cities.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

To lionfolk, they must have a strong reason to embark on a great adventure in an unknown land. Most often, lionfolk try to embrace a cause they will devote themselves to for the rest of their lives. It could be something as simple as fighting evil where they find it or exterminate a threat to their family, but is always derived from the rules and norms they follow. A cause that would force a lionfolk to leave home will inevitably draw them to an adventuring life, but they will have difficulty getting past the fact many do not share their frame of mind, especially in lawless lands where rules mean nothing. Spreading law to such lands might be such a reason, however.

Lionfolk consider themselves adults at age 33. They commonly live about 150 years, but some have lived as long as 180 years, despite those lionfolk being markedly infirm by that time.
Average Height
Lionfolk are tall and muscular, standing between 6'2” and 7'2” when they reach adulthood.
Average Weight
They usually weigh around 200–270 lbs.

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