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veles the World serpent

kobolt press

Divine Domains

With the domain of apocalypse, dragon, hunger, nature, ocean, and prophecy.

Holy Books & Codes

there is no holy book or code, it’s only legends and myths that are telling by priests to be devoted followers. and they need to do it from perfect memorization of these legends and myths

Divine Symbols & Sigils

some believe that veles taught the northerns and southerne to the giants and dragons, respectively. if original books of his teachings survive, they are rare known to a few. Whispers claims that one such volume exists, called the forked-tongue prophecy’s or sometimes The circled tongue. it is set to grant Power over the serpents, Drakes, and dragons. and to foretell the end of all things.   veles’s symbol is a snake biting its own tail

Divine Classification
a God
The circle of the serpent
Circumstances of Birth
was created by the prime energies of their creation in this world
Circumstances of Death
if someone can kill him in battle
3.5 m in diameter
60 tons

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