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The Dragon Knight

You on the serving dog one Of the mightiest lizards in the world

A warlord gazes at his opponent through unblinking eyes. His opponent, a knight, clad in full Emerald Armor, holds a winged spear at the ready. All at once, the battle begins as the warlord charges forward to destroy this knight, only to see him disappear before his eyes. He looks up too late to stop the knight from ending his life as the knight finishes his aerial attack. A horde of orcs readies to attack a lair filled with riches beyond their imagination. The one obstacle stopping this is a knight wearing Bronze armor wielding a wicked looking double blade. They begin their assault, and the knight becomes a whirling dervish of death with none of the horde reaching the lair of his master. A party enters combat with a powerful Wizard. As the Wizard prepares to launch his most powerful fireball, a Knight clad in black armor steps forward. The fireball flies towards the party as the knight raises his Dual Shields and clasps them together. As the fireball explodes, most of the explosion is deflected, and the party rushes in to defeat the wizard. Dragon Knights are the chosen champions of some of the most powerful entities in the cosmos. By devoting their service to the will of a Dragon, the Dragon Knight receives a portion of the Dragon's power, and the Dragon gets a loyal servant to enact its will.


Chosen of the Dragon

The power for a Dragon Knight comes from their Dragon Master. As they grow in power, a Dragon Knight learns to control this power and unleash it in powerful bursts called Dragon Attacks. These attacks can come in many forms, from blindingly fast strikes to attacks that let them drain their enemy's very life force, but they all have one thing in common: They showcase the raw power and fury of the Dragon Masters that bestowed that power.   But all that power comes with a price. By accepting the blessing of a dragon, a Dragon Knight gives up their own will and pledges to serve their Dragon Master until death. If a Dragon Knight tries to rebel from their master, that very blessing can become a deadly curse very quickly.  

A Weapon Forged By Power

Part of the blessing of a Dragon Knight is the ability to wield unique weapons of immense power. Only these Dragon Weapons are fit to be used by one who commands the power of a dragon. The agile Winged Spear gives the Dragoon power over gravity itself as he darts between enemies dealing death from above. The mighty Dual Blades carried by the Warblade sew the seeds of destruction with incredible speed and fury. And the impenetrable Paired Shields of the Defenders deflect attacks while they crush their enemies to nothing.   But these weapons are so powerful and unique that no mortal smith can forge them. They must be formed with the very draconic power coursing through a Dragon Knights veins. The ritual is intense, but the results speak for themselves.  

Creating a Dragon Knight

When you create your Dragon Knight, you should decide what has affected them so profoundly that they would willingly go to a creature that could destroy them with a thought to pledge their very lives to the dragon's service. Did the dragon destroy their home and they felt this was the only way to survive? Is there an evil so great that they feel this is the only way to protect those they love? Are they on a quest for power and they see the power of a dragon as the ultimate expression of this power they seek?   With their primary goal being enacting their master's will, much of a Dragon Knight's adventures begin alone with their Dragon Master as they are given another command to fulfill. But their Dragon Masters know the dangers of the world and how deadly it can be to travel alone, even with the immense power the Dragon Knights command. Often a Dragon Knight will join with other adventurers when their plans align with their Dragon Master's programs. Whether or not they tell their party that they are helping a dragon is up to the Dragon Knight.

Historical Basis

There have been a few accountants of this in historical records, mostly metallic dragons but a few of these was also chromatic or other types of dragons. There have been both good and evil dragon knights as his champion of justice in these dark times. And others that just blindly follow they're master into evil.   If a person will willingly take on the servitude of the Dragon, the kings and queens would lead their armies, Hunt and kill the dragon and the champion as the evidence of their evil. But if they can prove their innocence and show that they would work for the good of the people.   No one can genuinely know if it's a bond between the dragon and the knight or a partnership or they just are using each other's pieces of the greater plan.


This myth has spread to the whole world where is regarded as one of the highest honors but Also one of the most potent curses. Even in history where are the betray God was banished in the great divisions, was there dragon knights fighting alongside the great heroes gods in this war.

Cultural Reception

Most cultures do not have anything to do with dragons; even dragonkin has a hard time to get people to make contracts with dragons, to be honest, most people don't also want to serve the Dragon

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