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Drowned Shores

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The Drowned Shores were once four landlocked countries boasting scenic mountain ranges and lush green hills. Now, with most of the continent underwater after the Flood Age ended two hundred years ago, those mountains are the only lands still in the open air. The four countries have dissolved into the sea, leaving only the territory now known as the Drowned Shores.   Weepingfort is one of the cities in the Shores that remains. Neither the crown jewel of the Shores nor the backwater, Weepingfort survives despite its relatively sunken terrain. Formerly known as Silis in the days before the Flood Age, this city teeters on the lowest hills of the Drowned Shores, forever on the verge of falling into the sea completely.   But the city lives on. The Pearl, capital of the Shores, needs access to the deep sea and its many mysterious resources, and Weepingfort is perfectly positioned to gain this access. Many citizens of Weepingfort go in and out of the Drowning Tubes every day as deep sea divers, their work secret even in its mundane daily routine. Others use the Tubes to scavenge, perhaps illegally so, scuttling back to the Shores with their nets and tanks full of forgotten technologies and pieces of civilizations past. The rest of Weepingfort, those on the surface, must make do with the little they have.   Who are you?