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The Ghost Of The Evil King

A string of vanishes all over the nine realms. It is unsure what causes them, but it seems to only attack the True elders and recently other legends of war, raising doubt and questions as to what is the reason those people are taken. currently it is considered as a case of kidnapping however it is not confirmed what happens to them after they vanish and if they are even still alive. Many have tried to solve this incredible mystery, but they face a long road ahead of them. The victims vanish within seconds, rarely leaving evidence behind. An ongoing chase of almost nine years has lead to nowhere, and only the most stubborn and strong-headed continue searching without any promise they will find the answers.
"Watch your head. If it goes too high, the ghost of the evil king will come and take your soul."
- A popular saying in Naaric


For the last six years warriors who participated in The Attack on Pezaly Castle, slowly began disappearing. Literally. They vanished as if disintegrated into nothing, never to be found. Rumor started spreading that it is the ghost of King Kadrial who woke up and decided to avenge his death and take their souls to hell. Most were skeptic and assumed it was instead an enthusiast who took justice to his own hands. Either way, no one has a concrete explanation of how it is done or by whom. The last few warriors continue fading, but if they know anything about the cases, they have yet to share that information.

Possible Theories

There are a few popular theories as to what is behind this strange case.

1. The ghost of the evil king is real and cannot rest until all of his killers are dead: There are many issues with this idea as it is using the supernatural to explain the supernatural. No ghost activity has ever been recorded in history, yet many tales of haunting ghosts who come from the afterlife have resurfaced.

2. Someone related to the evil king either directly or as a follower is still alive and wants to take action against those who killed him: While King Kadrial had many close friends and followers, most of them abandoned him after his death, and none of them have shown any signs of magical powers, thus there is still no explanation on how it's being done.

3. Someone unrelated to the evil king is attempting to remove the toughest fighters in the world as groundwork for a planned strike: This is the only theory that has an explanation as to why men who aren't "true elders" are being taken. However, it raises more questions like who is planning an attack? For what reason? and why not kill all soldiers instead of only the highest-ranking ones, who had already retired?

4. one god or more is mad at them: God's ways are mysterious, but what could those people do to deserve a divine intervention? The only link between the victims is that they're all war veterans, so is a god mad at them for being triumphant warriors? This idea is odd for most, yet people are desperate for a satisfying answer, so this is a simple answer for those who have become too tired to look any deeper.

Historical Basis

The First Victim

In 927 A.U Teniel the knowing vanished during the day in the middle of a busy street in Perian. Most stories told by bystanders were confused and self contradicting, however they had one thing in common, the man simply disappeared, evaporated into air. The story quickly gained a lot of interest. It was impossible to walk into an inn without overhearing a conversation on the matter. Theories began popping up saying it is a trick but as more and more people faded, the press began worrying about who is behind this mass kidnapping.

The One Who Escaped

In the year 932 A.U Evion Tarin was a victim of the vanishing. His case earned its fame as it was the only case when someone came back after disappearing. In a busy street in Portfin, Evion vanished for a few seconds before coming back. Witnesses told of him returning with a frightened face and looking like he had escaped a fight. He quickly vanished again never to return. The event gave a lot of information about the vanishing, moving speculations toward an organized kidnapping, rather than godly presence

List of The Known Vanishes

Teniel The Knowing
Evion Tarin
Pertiken Alion

The Ghost Who Roams The Streets

The ghost of the evil king,
Who'd risen from the dead,
Walks among the oldest streets,
Looking for his head.
He came from the ancient east,
There he lost his pride
Returning here to take with him,
The hand by which he died
The strong, the cock, the proud, the deaf,
They all know to beware.
For if they come to close to him,
He'll turn them into air.
The market, always filled with dread,
They're conquered by their fear.
If you think you can defeat his wraith,
You are next to disappear.

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