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The Frozen Spirit

In the cold weather of [north realm] roams the spirit of a girl who died many years ago in the [Frozen mountains]. She was sent during a small plague to find a magical cure and she was almost successful but at last her body couldn't survive the cold air of the mountains and so she fell to the ground, dead. At least, that's what everyone thought, but she wasn't dead. She was very much alive and sought to take revenge on those who had sent her to perish. Her heart filled with such hatred, it turned into ice. She became pale as the snow, her eyes turned dark blue, and her skin was forever evaporating. When she had returned to her village, she tried to kill everyone there but their protector, [air wizard], was able to send her away, and now, she walks the barren fields around Tenras River, generating power and strikes all who come near her. If she ever gets strong enough, she will freeze the entire mountains and the oceans, letting us fight for every drop of water left.


A legend tells of a young girl, back when magic was a given, who had her connection with the water. From a young age she was able to form small waves and lift medium sized objects filled with water. By the time she reached her 19th moon year she was one of the strongest champions in the north, so much so that it was believed that she was the one talked about in the [prophecy of the great wizard]. When she reached the age of 23 the union of the northern tribes decided to see if she is the one mentioned in the prophecy and took her to the [super magic thing]. She was told she had a choice and that she didn't have to try but she decided to enter the [magic caves]. When she finally reached the magic thing she heard it calling her name, as if it wanted her to take it. The warmth it emitted demanded her touch, however she was overrun by regret as the moment she touched it, the warmth turned into a scorching light burning every nerve in her body.
When she woke up she was outside the caves, it was night but she could not feel the warmth of the blue sun. Her skin pale blue like hard ice. She returned to her village only to attend her own funeral. No one was able to recognize her steaming face. She tried to speak but her voice was rough and screeching. The village people petrified by the new threat took their weapons and attacked the mute girl. She tried to defend herself using water magic but the moment she tried to move the nearby river, it turned to ice, stopping the flow in its tracks. That's when she ran away and hid to never be heard from again, until [the dark war], when it is believed she was the one who froze Tenras River to stop water supplies from reaching the [southern empire]

Historical Basis

After Tenras River stopped flowing in [southern empire], dread hovered over everyone's head while searching for a reason and a solution. people were surprised to find that half of the river completely turned to ice. the public started to theorize what could have caused such a calamity until [Philip the adventurer] discovered documents describing a powerful young woman, able to freeze water in an instant. the word spread quickly and everyone suddenly knew of the strange woman able to turn water to ice


The legend is mostly known through out [south empire] and [north empire] but is wide spread and also known as far as [south island]

Variations & Mutation

Some say that the girl came from the north pole, beyond where humanity could reach. Some say that the girl emerged from the ground. The way she got her power is almost completely forgotten and left out. Most people believe she returned as a blood thirsty monster while some think she was first provoked by the villagers.

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