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Hulwyn, 18 First Light, DE 1

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Long have the lands of Men, of Dwarves and of Elves thrived under the benevolent reign of the Lords. They lived their lives according to the will of the divine beings that gave them life. The Isle of Lords, the most centrally located landmass on Drenn, was dedicated entirely to fellowship, worship and discipleship to the Lords. Some priesthoods focused on honor in combat, while others emphasized knowledge and arcane prestige.   And yet their comes a time when all servants drift from their masters. They develop a sense of self-achievement and independence. Pride and hubris spread like a plague. The Priesthood warned against this, sending Judges across the lands among the people to protect against the coming destruction. But even the Priesthood could not stop the conquest of the False King of Men. They were powerless to defy the Heretical Warlord of Dwarves. They could not destroy the name of the Prophet of Fallacy among the Elves. These mortals thought themselves as Lords.   And so, seeing that their creation had again failed, the Lords sent the Nine Blights against the mortal realm. Cities were ravaged. Populations were decimated. Walls were torn asunder. And amidst it all, the Isle of Lords has been rent from the mortal realm; pulled straight of the face of the Drenn. It seems that the Lords have decided to end their creation and start anew, but perhaps the mortals that remain yet have a chance to survive ...