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The Dremoran Calendar, Festivals, & Holidays

With the creation of the Dremoran calendar, the many regularly celebrated festivals and holidays of the continent were "assigned" formal dates, even though many of these traditions had been celebrated for many centuries or even millenia before the calendar was formally instituted.  

The Dremoran Calendar

  The Dremoran Calendar includes 13 months, each corresponding to a god and The One. Each month contains 30 days. Weeks are not really a concept in Dremora and neither are weekdays/weekends. Everything is month-based. For example, your average workers (est. 40 hour work week) would labor 22 days a month and rest 8 days, give or take a day or two.   The first month of the Dremoran calendar, Eredenva, begins in what would be late February to early March.   Eredenva — the month of The One   Tel'Mar — the month of Tel'Rhea   Ihlet'Hal — the month of Lark   Ran'Olvad — the month of Ragna   Vin'Rendeles — the month of Nacheevi   Helio'Ra — the month of Elis   Carmen — the month of Carmenthia   Juhd'Hon — the month of Judas   Ro'Theron — the month of Therarask   Var'Tempus — the month of Varoona   Osh'Van — the month of Oshozi   Caltide — the month of Caliban   Mortis Shal — the month of Ah'Shal  

Notable Festivals & Holidays


The Creation Festival

  A celebration of the creation of the world by The One. It is considered the beginning of the natural cycle of creation, life, and death. It also doubles as a New Year celebration. While it is celebrated across the continent, the largest celebration is held in Eredet.   Date: 1st of Eredenva Primary Location: Eredet, the entire continent  

Festival of Flowers

  A festival in honor of the Goddess of Life, Tel'Rhea.   Date: 15th of Tel'Mar Primary Location: Tel'Mar, the entire continent  

Festival of Colors

  A festival in honor of the God of Inspiration and Creativity, Lark. The streets of Lark'Hal are flooded with locals and visitors alike, delighting in performances of all kinds. The festival culminates in large explosion of colors, literally.   Date: 18th of Ihlet'Hal - 21st of Ihlet'Hal Primary Location: Lark'Hal, Therarask, Varoona, Eredet  


  The largest gladiatorial tournament on the continent, dedicated to the Goddess of War and Heroism, Ragna. Chosen of Ragna and gutsy outsiders compete for the honor of facing Ragna's current Champion. Additional events include chariot races, rugby matches, and other events that highlight feats of strength.   Date: 6th of Ran'Olvad - 12th of Ran'Olvad Primary Location: The Coliseum in Ragna  

Tudas Expo

  A gathering of the most brilliant minds and inventors who display their contributions to the realm of science and progress in honor of the God of Knowledge and Technology.   Date: 20th of Vin'Rendeles - 23rd of Vin'Rendeles Primary Location: Nacheevi, Eredet  

Day of the Sun

  A festival held on the summer solstice in honor of the Goddess of the Sun, Elis. [more details in progress].   Date: 10th of Helio'Ra Primary Location: Elios, the entire continent    

The Great Hunt

  The first of a pair of festivals dedicated to the God of Nature, Oshozi. This particular festival honors Oshozi as the God of the Hunt. Organized in Oshiv'Ran, the Great Hunt is a 5-day affair that challenges hunters to acquire a target selected by the High Priest of Oshozi and located in the holy Antiek'Vee forest.   Date: 27th of Carmen - 1st of Juhd'Hon Primary Location: Oshiv'Ran    

San Futas

  A celebration of debauchery and revelry in honor of the God of Pleasure and Hedonism, Therarask. Rarely are participants in the festival sober unless required as it is considered a slight to Therarask to not indulge in such pleasures during this holy period. Besides the general revelry, there is one particular event that the jungle island always looks forward to...   Date: 13th of Ro'Theron - 16th of Ro'Theron Primary Location: Therarask, Varoona    

The Namakan Games

  This festival initially began as a celebration of Varoona, Goddess of the Sea. It involves a variety of sea-based events – deep sea fishing, free-diving, dramatic naval re-enactments, partaking in local cuisine – Since the fall of the Dread King, it has taken on the dual purpose of serving as a remembrance of the tumultuous time in Dremoran history. While much of that period of history is lost, the people of Varoona remember the MoonGuard's defense of Goddess Bay, which was pivotal in preventing a siege of the city by the Dread King's forces.   Date: 21st of Var'Tempus - 30th of Var'Tempus Primary Location: Varoona    

The Great Harvest

  The second in a pair of festivals in honor of the God of Nature, Oshozi. This particular festival honors Oshozi's role in agriculture. It also pays secondary tribute to Tel'Rhea as the Goddess of Fertility and of Life. [Specific details in progress]   Date: 20th of Osh'Van - 24th of Osh'Van Primary Location: Oshiv'Ran, Tel'Rhea, Varoona    

The Festival of Fates

  A festival dedicated to the God of Fates, Caliban.   Date: 1st of Caltide Primary Location: Caliban    

Day of the Moon

  A festival dedicated to the God of the Moon, Caliban. It takes place on the shortest day of the year.   Date: 30th of Caltide Primary Location: Caliban, the entire continent    

Festival of Lights

  Often considered a prelude to Emlekezes, the festival of lights is a dedicated to the Goddess of Healing, Carmenthia. Lanterns are often lit and allowed to float across a surface of water; a final plea to the goddess to save a loved one... On the other hand, many practice the sinking of the lanterns to place a curse upon an enemy.   Date: 29th of Mortis Shal Primary Location: Eredet, Ah'Shal, Carmnethia, the entire continent    


  A celebration and time of remembrance of loved ones who have passed on into the embrace of Ah'Shal, the Goddess of Death and the Dead. It also serves as the conclusion of the cycle of creation, life, and death and as a farewell to the ending year.   Date: 30th of Mortis Shal Primary Location: Eredet, Ah'Shal, Tel'Rhea, the entire continent       Timeline: Dremoran Holidays & Festivals

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