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Session 28

General Summary

25th of Ro'Theron

  Moira and The Widow welcomed Denarya into Cali's home - as per their squatter's rights. Denarya immediately asked about her daughter. When did you last see here? Where did you last see her? Any idea where she is now? Has she casted magic? What do you mean she's possessed by the Dread King? If you're also possessed by the Dread King, have you not thought to ask it what it wants with my daughter? In the middle of her conversation, Moira panicked and mind linked with the Widow. Denarya waited patiently, seemingly knowing what was going on. It's odd having another kalashtar around. Before departing, Denarya made both Widow and Moira promise that they would allow her to speak with her daughter. If she is too far gone... then it's Denarya's right to be the one to pull the trigger. After Denarya left, Moira immediately though that could have gone better.   Meanwhile, Ghilani chose to stay at the theater to write a letter and to watch Rani rehearse. Rani was very much concerned when Ghilani mentioned that he's writing a letter to Azhi and he's hoping to post her bail! Stealthily, Rani found her favorite courier and asked him to deliver a letter to Captain Faumea requesting that Ghilani's bail posting NOT be accepted. Ghilani then received a letter.   Returning to rehearsal, some of the members of Ezra's troupe spoke about the upcoming performance schedule for the Namakan Games. There is some talk that one of the most famous performers from Therarask – Desiree – was invited to attend. Given Rani's spectacular performance during San Futas, the troupe asked if Rani would like to join a Pirate's Ballad and perhaps a couple other "dance-heavy" acts when the schedule is finalized. Also, it seems the understudy for the role of Soyolmaa in On Tides of Dread had to step back. Given that Rani fits the casting notes quite well, perhaps she's like to try her hand at acting? Rani agreed.   Oksha and Newt talked on the beach. After escorting her back to the Temple, Oksha gave Newt a quick peck on the cheek. They made plans to get creme brulée in the future. Newt accidentally mentioned why Markus needed some of Oksha's hair and she seemed mildly irked that Markus would lie to her when he's always telling her she shouldn't lie! Newt immediately went to make reservations.   After running to a small bakery to pick up macaroons, Ghilani began to prepare a package, including some flowers in one of Cali's glasses. As Ghilani ran in and out, the rest of the party received an update on Newt's date. Rani assured him that Oksha must have had a fun time if she suggested going out again.... and then The Widow tore Newt down. You gotta start slow! How will you top letting her see for the first time? Moira, do you think you can rent out all of Dragolée for the 30th? Attention turned to Ghilani as Rani and The Widow gave him a talk regarding wanting to be "friends" with a convict. He's not really ever had friends before! Rani suggested writing to Tatya or Lakshmi as opposed to a horrible person like Azhi. Newt doesn't really see the problem...    Misc: Ghilani trained with Rani while Newt watched and Moira cooked; The Widow made bullets; Moira attempted to contact the symbiote within; At the ripe hour of 2am, Vith gave Rani her other sword, gave Newt a revolver and one set of bullets, and gave The Widow an upgraded dagger.  

26th of Ro'Theron

  Message from Oshiv'Ran: "Specialist from Lark'Hal arrived. Investigating crystals. Animals exhibit no change. True Followers defending Forest. No decrease in "disease". Will update. May Oshozi guide your hunts."   Message from Yue: "Hi dear. Going to the New District. Will see what information is there. Otherwise, we ascend the mountain again soon. Take care, I love you."   After having Moira make some muffins, the Deep End made their way to the Temple of Varoona. The statues of the gods have been covered by tarps to protect them from flying paint as Zephus, from atop a scaffold, has begun painting on the ceiling. Meeting with High Priestess Thalassa, she held up the silver key that Newt and Moira "adventured" from the mouth of the Hydra. Given concerns about a creature potentially roaming the Southern Seas, it may be necessary for them to enter the tomb of Ambarra and uncover the ancient weapon she used to defeat the creature over a millenium ago. The weapon might be needed should the creature decide to pursue its original purpose: Destroy the city.   Widow and Moira spoke with the High Priestess about religious affairs. Moira, very confused, realized that Belle and Therarask may not be different people necessarily. Having finally given sufficient information, the High Priestess mentioned that many priests and priestesses of THerarask still ascribe to an old legend: Szere. It is an archaic term that loosely means "beloved" or, to others, "soulmate". Although she cannot say for certain, Varoona has complained about Tel'Rhea's "many rules" before. The mother goddess tends to believe that, since one of her domains is life, this extends to the domains of other members of the pantheon. The One is a distant celestial... the only one who would know what they were thinking or wanted would be the Grand Priest, but you would have to travel to Eredet to speak with him. Moira spoke about the Dread King - or a least a fragment of it - living within her. The High Priestess knows little about the Dread King, but she has heard that Kalashtar are known for being connected to spirits, more so than others. Although she is uncertain if what Moira is describing can be considered a "spirit", it may be worthwhile to speak with someone more knowledgable on building that connection.    

The Tomb of Ambarra

  After speaking a phrase in Elvish – Love given is not always love received – a keyhole emerged on the back of the central hydra head's throat. The wall rippled open and The Deep End entered the tomb. After making quick work of a couple puzzles within the head of the Hydra, the party descended alongside two spirit dogs and a water dog.   Despite her hesitation, Rani agreed to split the party in hopes of Ghilani and The Widow having quality bonding time. However, shortly after walking through one of the doors, The Widow was yeeted down a river and Ghilani - who was told to stay close behind - followed suit.    Arriving in a room with a pool of water and five faceless statues, the Deep End tried some drugs while Moira watched chaos unfold. The Widow was confused. Time moved very slowly for Newt – why is everyone so fast? Rani was incredibly calm and happy... and then the calmness persisted, but the happiness turned into horrible sadness. Ghilani felt incredibly confident, knowing exactly what to do! Having completed the puzzle, one ball of silver light was returned to one of four bowls.   Only three remain... Fetch.

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