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Session 27

General Summary

23rd of Ro'Theron

  The Widow went to see Erwin in the morning and asked if he wanted to go "underwater" to make bullets. After Erwin made a remark about the Widow not smelling like alcohol for once, The Widow gave Erwin his snail moonshine. Not 10 minutes after the Widow left, Newt arrived to also ask Erwin about making bullets.    Moira went to the Bard's College to do research on the kalashtar woman she suspects was a High Priestess of Judas. After poking around on her own and bothering a stressed student studying for his finals, it seems that a lot of information on the Priestess' of Judas was lost when the city was destroyed.   Newt intercepted The Widow in town and, since The Widow is such an expert, asked about how to drink so that he can feel numb. Newt is concerned that he may be binding spirits to this plane and pulling them out of the afterlife. Shame... The Widow just gave his moonshine to Erwin... so they went back to Erwin who gave The Widow a stink eye for being a "bad influence".   After a couple of shots of the snail moonshine, Newt was seeing new colors and Moira seemed to have way more arms. Moira interpreted this as her little parasite buddy announcing its presence. She chose to take a shot. Rani returned and - feeling slightly concerned for the safety of her friends - chose to sleep on the boat nearby.    Sending: Denarya will be arriving in Varoona on the 25th, Moira "threatened" Belle and asked how things were, Diavolo would be more than happy to have a rematch after he's finished traveling around.   Misc: Newt commissioned Zephus to make a painting of Ah'Shal (maybe he'll add a mechanical dragon), Rani arranged for jewelry to be made for her and Ezra (so that they'll always know when they think of the other), Ghilani spent most of the day working on deciphering Rani's journal (or trying to), The Widow set up a forge in Sotto Varoona with Erwin to make bullets (because forging underwater is superior and free).    

24th of Ro'Theron

  Hearing a commotion from the docks in the morning, Rani, Newt, and Moira left Cali's to see a trio of large, unfamiliar ships docking. Each ship had a flag with a crescent moon, waves, and stars – the symbol of the Moonguard – flying atop the main mast. Disembarking one of the ships was a familiar green dragonborn donning his full plate armor and bearing a couple of new scars. The trio of ships has brought the second armor shipment to Varoona. He apologized for losing the Cobra's Envy; he crashed it into the ghost ship. Before departing for the High Priestess, he mentioned that there was a creature there that looked just like the statue in the Bay.   Moira and Newt - hearing the news about the creature - immediately went to see the High Priestess. They fessed up to having gone into the statue and stealing a key from within. The High Priestess took the key from them, thanking them for returning one piece of the entrance key into Varoona's champion's tomb. They then dropped the bomb about the creature that Vorgar saw. As they left, Vorgar arrived munching on a fried "Blood Cow" leg.   Rani went to speak with Erwin about the application she received from Telatrix. Erwin was intrigued by her gadgetry, but expressed concerns regarding whether she can deal with "nitty-gritty" problems that emerge in the field and whether or not she can handle herself on a ship potentially engaged in combat. Before leaving the Temple, Rani checked in with Zephus.   Four requested a hair from Newt and Oksha to complete the potion that Newt requested. Rather than asking Oksha up front, Newt asked Markus for a hair. Markus was immediately skeptical, but agreed when Newt told him what it was for. Afterwards, Oksha remarked that Markus needed a hair for a "ritual" and that the spirits around Newt aren't fully tangible. The one around Ghilani (not George), is a rarity.   Moira asked Four about the kalashtar woman. Four mentioned that kalashtar are connected to spirits. Perhaps that is why Moira is seeing this woman? Perhaps fostering a connection could be a key? But what would Four know! She only knows what it's like to be a genasi and a keresello!   Rani went to the Bard's college to do her own research: how to talk to gods... The Widow really isn't a reputable or helpful source anymore. Lark is known to communicating in a more abstract format as the god believes he is but a simple abstract concept. Therarask is known to be a bit of a bitch, often communicating by assuming the form of spurned lovers or objects of lust. To speak with Caliban, the most documented forms are to climb a mountain or speak with the High Oracle.   Seeing Rani's journal and the journal from Magaso'Fa, Ghilani noted similar patterns in the gibberish.    The party also performed a seance with special guests Callon, Zephus, Oksha, and Markus. Newt summoned a woodcutter's ghost who held his hand in his heads. When Oksha asked which court the man went to, Moira had a momentary crisis about where she'll go after she dies.   Ezra covered the walls, ceiling, and floor of one of the Theater dance studios with canvas and brought in many cans of paint in various colors. Rani humored Ezra and his "stupid" idea to immortalize their dance and them in art... and maybe a bit more. Meanwhile, The Widow got thrown into the golden platform beneath and spoke with the secretary who allowed him to "go on up". For a moment, The Widow saw Therarask looking slightly different. After reading the letter, they seem to have made up.   Sending: Just a quick simple update about the whole Dread King situation to the Grand Priest, Yue is awaiting further news on the death of the High Council member from Caliban, "Belle" responded to Moira that whenever The Widow feels like talking... they're waiting.   Misc: Rani received a message from Diavolo (via Thanatos) on Olivantha's disappearance - he suspects a cover-up, The Widow now has a new tattoo (courtesy of Five, of course), the High Council member from Caliban has supposedly died from "issues of the heart", The Deep End debated what they wished to have Callon convey to his mother before the final Guild Council meeting    

25th of Ro'Theron

  Moira made breakfast and received a package from Yue: some mooncakes from a bakery in Caliban. At the Theater, Ezra asked Rani if she'd like to practice with the troupe at the theater. The Widow slept in.   During rehearsal with Ezra's troupe, Ghilani brought Rani some exciting news. It seems Dr. Valdove and Prof. Dunebrook have reached an accord and cooperation has been achieved! Prof. Dunebrook is about to head into the field. Tatya may or may not have forgotten antitoxin, but Marcella has it handled. Prof. Dunebrook hopes to provide information on the Temples in The Wasteland, Lark'Hal, and Carmenthia. Ghilani now knows what Tatya and Prof. Dunebrook look like.   In the morning, Newt picked up Oksha, swinging by the cabana to eat a fresh breakfast prepared by Moira. Afterwards, he flew her to the top of the statue where they shared a weird turquoise potion from Four. And for the first time, Oksha was able to see. That's the color of the sea? How high up are we? She dragged Newt around the city looking at all the jewelry in a store, crouching on the ground to see a snail, and going to the Temple to see the statue of the goddess she's served her whole life for the first time. She was thrilled to see the painting of the city of Ah'Shal. When her vision started to fade, she asked to have Newt's face be the last thing she saw. She then asked to go to the beach.   The Widow and Moira saw Denarya at the door of Cali's cabana. The kalashtar bounty hunter has returned to the city of Varoona.

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