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The Year of Advancement

Created by: Jocelyn

With amazing, wonderful help from: Sam, Karen, Stevie, Stephen, & Jesse

  The continent of Dremora has long been shrouded from the rest of the world by a shimmering, powerful magical barrier. Within this glimmering wall, the Dremoran pantheon reigns. Once devout and resolute in their maintenance of the mortal realm — a task entrusted to them by the all-powerful “One” — they have been driven apart by the tumultuous rise and fall of the Dread King and the aftermath, littered with missing pieces and the loss of one of their own. They are blind to the turmoil slowly leaking across the continent from the seas of Varoona to the volcanic island of Therarask and from the mountains of Caliban to the empty barren Wasteland of the East. Rumors circulate of an invasion from beyond the barrier… and that the Dread King will rise once more. What awaits in the looming shadow of the Dread King?