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Treaty of Rowan's Independence

The treaty where Lysandus Petunia managed to give his ancestors the independence they craved.


To give the people of Rowan a sense of independence and to allow the Shesire Sovereignty to feel as if they have control by instilling laws that benefit their claim to dominance.

Historical Details


Lysandus was determined to fulfil his ancestor's wish for independence from the vile dictatorship of Shesire Sovereignty. He was promptly named the Rowan King after he amassed followers as a response to the Sovereignty murdering his father.   This came about from the Scarlet Legion invading his land and killing his father, the previous Rowan Jarl. With the land being stormed by Shesire's fury, Lysandus walked the streets of every town calling all who would fight for their freedom to follow him. His army started merely with himself and grew to 6,481 by the time dawn broke. Although mostly unskilled peasants, their passion for independence made up for their lack of training, and under Lysandus' experience as a general he matched the army to force the Scarlet Legion to surrender.   To prevent further bloodshed and retaliation, Lysandus in his might and cunning struck a deal to found the Institute of Lysandus to supply soldiers to the Scarlet Legion for Sovereignty. This treaty was to provide 10 years of guaranteed peace, which to the average Mirran was more than enough time to amass strength and live in peace, while for the Ashen with their longer life spans it was significantly shorter in their own perspective.


For 10 years after signing, with the idea of renewing the treaty every decade.
Authoring Date
Expiration Date
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9 Jan, 2023 22:35

I love the story of raising the army. Solid support for independence!

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