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Cualhelarchad (S-ul-hel-ar-ch-ah-d)

Written by Artgalles

Settled into the Rowan Forest as a line of defense against the goblin tribes. It started as a wooden fortress which grew as more joined. The walls were replaced with clay and bricks and stook proudly apposed against the cold elements.


Large walls with watch towers, spikes lining the base with uneven terrain making it hard to use siege weaponary.

Industry & Trade

It relies from trade from neighbouring settlements, in exchange they prevent the goblin pillaging the region.


Stone walls with wooden spikes jotted out of the base with watchtowers placed evenly apart. Wellpoint to obtain water from an underground river system.



The central district named after the founder, Stiubhart Sagie. It holds a market with an obelisk in the centre of it depicting markings of the Oblivion faith. Adjacent to the market is the old barracks which was originally made of wood and has been reinforced with different materials such as clay and stone throughout its lifespan. It functions as the linking point between all the other districts.  


The northern district named after a general who retired from serving the Helman Kingdom and funded the fort and guild this district encompasses. This guild would remain nameless for a few years until Eiric's death when the guild was given the name "Eiric's Duty".  It is filled with a blacksmithery, barracks, stables, storage, armoury and library to document the findings of the tribal goblins.  


The eastern district, the newest addition, named after an orphaned mercenary who rescued one of the Barons. This district functions as a gate house to anyone entering from the east.  It is mostly residential, except for one orphanage which was later shut down when Lysandus made a deal with the Shesire Sovereignty. The building was later repurposed into a tavern, but still kept the name of the "Lizoa's Orphanage".  


The southern district named after a priest of Cearl, who blessed this land. Many more priests would arrive after Raibeart, leading to this district to be seen as a holy site as a temple was build in name of all the totems. This temple is quite large holding a chamber dedicated to each of the Totems, with an additional room being constructed by Raibeart in favour of allowing anyone to worship regardless of their own faith.  


The western district named after one of the Barons to this settlement. It makes up the western entrance and is filled with mostly residential areas, but has a small line of basic survival shops. There is a central garden that is filled with Rowan trees and berry bushes providing a much needed bit of scenery to this militiristic town.

Points of interest

  • Lizoa's Orphanage - Tavern
  • Eiric's Duty - Mercenary Guild
  • Raibeart Temple - All Faith Temple
  • Berry Garden - Town Garden
  • Obelisk - Tourist site
  • Market - Trade hub
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