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Achindel is a malicious curse that certain unfortunate individuals are born with. it is a subspecies of the Gloom, which causes emotional instability in people as the malicious spirit feeds off the hardest emotions of the victim by amplifying their loneliness and forgetfulness by forcing the victim into doing actions that caused people to avoid them. Its name, Achindel, originates from the fusion of the Merani words "Achleen" and "Cindel" meaning "alone child".     It is most prevalent in the northern regions of the known world where the worship of the old gods, Oblivion, took place.


It is obtained by being born with a nefarious spirit latching upon the soul of the vessel as they are born. Altarnatively if a body is resurrected using the soul of someone who had Achindel the condition passes on.


Those with it typically have a form of dementia from an early age leaving them with the mindset of a child, this lingers for most of their life, however it is possible for some memories to remain within the individual and to be recalled at a later date. The victims have a compulsive urge to spend time with people, but because of the Achindel's need to feast off of the loneliness, the victim is often pushed into doing drastic things to either harm or freak out the individuals near the victim in order to make them leave.   If a victim is left alone in a confined area for an extensive amount of time(normally a few months, but it does vary greatly on the victim's mental state) they become bound to the location and gain some form of command over the location. While bound to the location the victim and Achindel are able to pass through solid objects, and interact with each object as if using telekinesis and speak into the minds of anyone inside the perimeter of the location. The victim will refuse to leave the location and if removed forcefully it will cause psychological trauma to the victim.


The condition once obtained is permanent, with no known cure. However there are techniques to reduce the effects, burning rosemary as it removes the harmful energies, receiving a sacred blessing, and spending time with people. Some have also found taking drugs reduces the harmful effects drastically.   To remove the bounding to a location the burning of rosemary or muttering of blessings would be performed to reduce the Achindel's hold on the victim temporarily, then they need to consume a tonic of Lavender, rosemary, kava and a drop of Oblivion blood(Being almost impossible to find).   Else the last option is death.


Druidic exorcisms can be performed during the parent's pregnancy to expel the vile spirit.


Unlike other forms of Gloom, this one has only roots in the northern regions of the known world and is mentioned frequently in the documentation of the Oblivion. A likely link to the Chinderin as their name means the children. However that linkage is merely speculation among scholars, with the druids believing the gloom formed out of the scraps of Geheim's diary. Constructed from the empty form and fragmented emotions it took form creating the disembodied spirit that feeds on the loneliness and confusion of its victim.

Cultural Reception

It is viewed as a bad omen, with most parents opting to disown their children leaving the druids to adopt them and teach remedies to the inflicted with the hope that they will adopt the druidic life themselves.
Extremely Rare

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20 Jan, 2023 00:25

Thanks for letting me read your article in my streams!   This is such a neat article, and a great look into what mental conditions may afflict people in your world. The subject of mental health is often a difficult subject to approach in fiction, but I find you did a great job with tactfully creating such a condition! It's reminiscent of some real-world ailments and it's cool to see how the familiar gets incorporated into fiction. ❤

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