Dreampunk A world of fantasy and fairytale where dreams are real and madness abounds

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Taume, a realm of clock-punk fantasy and fairytale! Both beautiful and fantastic.. but parts of the world are warped by a strange and twisting force, The Wyrd , that mirrors the darkest parts of the mind. Creatures of both dreams and nightmares manifest through its influence.   Player characters take on the role of Dreamers , the only people in the world who dream. These Dreams take on many forms but inspire, terrify, and push the character to achieve great things and give them control over the Wyrd itself!   This is my homebrew setting in which I delve into some of my favorite themes and topics involving a mix between traditional fantasy, fairytales, and the psychology of the mind!   While this is made as an rpg setting, I will have any mechanical intentions, effects, or designer notes in the side bars for reference. Please feel free to engage, ask questions on the world and its contents as it helps me to fill in many details I wouldn't think about and while this is a very fantastic world, I like some realm of believability.   Thanks again for checking my world out! I will be frequently adding more to it over time!   As a note, I originally began writing this as a Geneys setting (FFG), so please understand many intentions are with that system in mind, although I run players with both Genesys and D&D 5E.
**With the recent announcement of One D&D I am refocusing to move things to 5e with the Unearthed Arcana beta changes.** Player Primer