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Dunedain Base Map Image
Dunedain is the largest settlement of the Haimori people in the North. The settlement is situated on the western shore of the Bay of Barkool and is on the main trade route that extends from the Northern Ice Sea down to the Guard City.
The town was established primarily as it provides the resources necessary for fishing.  

1.Whale Slotter

The Whale Slotter is where the fisherman bring their largest catches. On the docks the whale is processed. Nothing of the creature is wasted.

2. Fish Processing

Here the fish that are brought in by the fisihng boats are processed each day. After processing they are taken out back to the Fish Market.

3. Boat Builders

The Boat Builder build and repair all the watercraft of Dunedain. They use the wood from the Loggers to construct and repair the vessels.

4. Meat Locker

After the whale is processed the meat is stored in the meat locker. As it is cold year-round the meat is kept outside. Locals have free access to use as much meat as needed to feed their families. Outsiders must barter for whale meat.

5. Beluga Carrier Whale Dock

The Beluga Carrier Whale or simply Carrier Whale is a highly intelligent animal that is all too happy to ferry messages from one port town to the next. These whales are fitted with leather sacks in which stone carved messages are placed. The whales move from port to port, stopping at designated docks where the portsman will feed the whales and check for messages or add news ones if necessary.  

8.Trade Market

The Trade Market is located on the Trade Road on the edge of town. Southerners barter for goods in the market.  


The Harpoonsmith makes all sizes of harpoons for the whalers. Like most weapons made by the Haimori people the harpoons are made from wood, leather and dragon jade.

18.Dark Unihorn Monument

This huge whale is one of the most elusive whales of the ocean. Rarely seen at the surface, the locals believe this creature is in fact a fish instead of an air breathing animal. The sightings of the Dark Unicorn Whale are so rare, stories of this creature quickly become legend and are embellished to make this whale seem ferocious to encounter. Ships lost to see are blamed on this creature and depictions of the whale show it impaling all manner of beasts and boats with its huge unihorn. Only one of these creatures is known to have ever been caught. Evidence of the capture of this great beast can be found in the center of Dunedain where a giant unihorn is displayed in the center of town.
In the center of town is a memorial of the capture of a great Dark Unihorn Whale that occurred decades ago. In the center of this memorial is displayed the giant unihorn from the whale.

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