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Dream Essempy

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Currently just worldbuilding, but tentative plot is as follows:
The Minecraft world is ruled over by the four main gods of the realms: Foolish of the Overworld, The Blood God of the Nether, The Ender Lord of the End, and Death of the Heavens. The four gods never were quite in harmony, and they eventually grow so distant from each other that an evil cosmic force brought forth The Glitch, an entity that wracked the realms and corrupted many life forces, locations, and minds. Its effects are still felt today: People go missing, some have lower amounts of respawns than the standard three, mobs are corrupted and glitched into horrifying monstrosities and the dead do not always stay dead.   A young man and his childhood friend are making ends meet until they get the client of a lifetime: rich AND a pushover! The three learn more about each other and about themselves, explore the gradient of platonic and romantic, and protect themselves and each other from the secrets they all keep. And that's all after two of the three got married.
High fantasy, LGBTQ protagonists, sexuality crises, and a love triangle that settles into polyamory instead of beefing.


Dream Essempy Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 5e