A world once covered in uncivilized races on a single piece of land was gifted by the presence of Eight Gods. They came from the sky and brought with them Order, Discipline, and Worship. The once raging world looked up and saw what they didn't know they seeked for millenniums. One man, Xobi stood above the rest and spoke to the Gods and used their wisdom and guidance to bring peace to the world of clashing races.   There in his hands as he commanded peace among the many was a book, The Tranquility Grimoire. A mysterious and unknown source of power that many believed gave Xobi powers that no mortal should wield. For 34 years the world stood in peace as the planet shifted its once Pangaea lifestyle into multiple landmasses spreading them apart, until their leader Xobi fell ill from unknown means and perished.   563 years would pass as the races raged war against each other, new unknown enemies from the depths, and made bonds to claim peace all looking for the once source of power that once brought them all together. Some wanted it for glory and war, while others wanted to bring the once lost peace back, and others for more mysterious and unknown reasons, but the Grimoire was lost to history, until it was rumored to resurface once again.   Now being held by an unknown figure, it was being placed up for auction at Zop's Traveling Auction for the highest bidder in the largest Capital City, Brilla . The hunt for the Tranquility Grimoire is now on and the world watches to see who will possess such a powerful and unique item.