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Kingdom of Valence

Together we rise; Together we stand; Together we fight against the darkness!

Centuries old, the Kingdom of Valence is a feudal realm ruled by, King Aethelmund III for 8 years. The Kingdom stretches for roughly 90 miles2, with a landscape decorated with fields, forests and hills. Militarily, Valance is famed for their Arcane Legion - a lethal force of metal and magic.

The King has 5 vassals, 2 of which are Grand Dukes. These two nobles consider themselves rivals of equal strength in levies, but Crown Authority Law prohibits conflicts within the Kingdom. Doing so is treachery and can lead to the aggressor's title be revoked and imprisonment; which could also lead to execution by the King's order.


Valence is a feudal Kingdom; which means it is a hierarchy of vassals who hold titles of holdings, with the King/Queen at the top. Only nobles of a noble house can hold a title.

Titles & Holdings

Kingdom of Valence

  • Duchy of Fairbreach
    • County of Dewminster
      • Barony of Whaleham
      • Barony of Honeyfort
    • County of Wildbourne
      • Barony of Ravenmore
      • Barony of Timbermond
  • Duchy of Wildmore
    • County of Summergarde
      • Barony of Pinecall
      • Barony of Hazeldale
    • County of Wolfolk
      • Barony of Nightcoast
      • Barony of Direfell
  • Duchy of Everpass
    • County of Presshire
      • Barony of Crowford
      • Barony of Rimemore
    • County of Bressex
      • Barony of Goldrest
      • Barony of Ghosthold

  • Duchy of Eaglefall
    • County of West Guard
      • Barony of Raven Cliff
      • Barony of High Cliff
    • County of Everreach
      • Barony of Coldacre
      • Barony of Thornmore
  • Duchy of Frostmount
    • County of Wolfpeak
      • Barony of Bronzefall
      • Barony of Winterrest
    • County of East Guard
      • Barony of Arrowhorn
      • Barony of Castle Acre
  • Duchy of Baregate
    • County of Eastpoint
      • Barony of Kilborough
      • Barony of Stonemouth
    • County of Oakenland
      • Barony of Timberwatch
      • Barony of Honeywood
  • Duchy of Greenhaven
    • County of North Dale
      • Barony of Castle Helm
      • Barony of Iron Rock
    • County of South Dale
      • Barony of Mythspire
      • Barony of Boulderpost

Each title holder pays taxes to their leige. At times of war, leiges can call upon their subordinates to rally up their levies and join the campaign, for doing so is their duty as Lord of the realm.


King Aethelmund III's father, King Aethelmund II became the first of their dynasty to be the King of Valence, after defeating, the Tyrant King Kaden of House Merrence ; in a rebellion. Duke Aethelmund of Greenhaven at the time, rallied up supporters to usurp the Tyrant King who, as Duke Aethelmund claims, was meddling with dark arcane affairs.

The Withering Realm

"Yellow grass? I couldn't believe the stories until I arrived. Even now the people are struggling to feed themselves properly. Thank goodness for us Emberlings helping these people in their time of need."
Kayla Fogtree in Kay's Visit to Valence

Decades ago, with the news of the The Ludorian Empire expanding their domain, King Kaden of House Merrence introduced the elite squad called, the Arcane Legion; soldiers who were trained in for Martial and Arcane Arts, also known as Battlemages. Battlemages go through intense training, which often proven to be fatal for many due to the effects Magic can have (see Magic and the Withering for more).

Since the formation of the Arcane Legion, farmers began to report to their ruling Feifdom Lords as the yield and quality of their crops were decreasing. Each Lord responding in their own ways; some investigated the matter further, others just ignored the situation claiming the farmers are being lazy. However, year-by-year food was increasingly scarce. Famine was sure to break out, until Duke Aethelmund of Greenhaven rallied support from his peers and, with the alliance with the Elven city-state, Mao Thalas; raised a rebellion against King Kaden and his Arcane Legion, which is now known at The Wither War.

Together we stand!

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