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The Cosmos

Scholars throughout Draguna model the cosmos in many different ways. One which seems to be the general view of the cosmos is the Multiverse, where there are multiple universes a.k.a Planes or Dimensions. It is said, one can travel from one dimension to another and there are many instances where individuals, groups and beasts have travelled between dimensions.


A Mirrorverse is the phenomena of one Plane of Existence mimics another. However, those who have travelled to these planes and have returned have reported only the landscape has stayed the same. Instead, there are other differences such as the plane called, in common tongue, Wildfair; where the wilderness of this plane has been amplified. Much is still to be discovered to what a Mirrorverse can become. So far discoveries have only found these amplified alternative worlds.

The Known Multiverse

The Home Plane

The Home Plane is where people from Draguna have originated from. The term comes from many people being killed or missing on another plane. Phrases of endearment have been mostly wishes of the families and friends of these victims to return home. Scholars have argued whether to call this plane the Home Plane or to call is Draguna. Those who argue against the naming to be Draguna say there is still much to be discovered on this plane, also the term Home refers to this plane and no other.


It is said this plane is the embodiment of wilderness and savagery. Wildfair is regarded as the peak of nature. Many Druids and Rangers often believe their abilities come from Wildfair. Scholars label this plane as one of the Mirrorverses, as the landscapes replicate those found in the Home Plane; even the Tri Sister Mountains, though some Dwarves would deny such atrocity of there being a duplicate of the sisters.
Many species and races of Draguna claim Wildfair as their motherplane. The Tabaxi (usually referred to as Catfolk) are amongst the races who hold this claim (see Tabaxi Lore).

The Celestial Skies

This is the place where many people of Draguna believe their souls travel to when they die. Even though scholars know this is yet to be proven, they still believe this is the case. The Celestial Skies are the homes of their gods & goddesses, who use their infinite powers and wisdom to help and guide their worshippers through their lives. Then when they die, the divine shepherd their souls through the Soul Stream into their realms where they exist together for eternity.
There have been reports, stories, myths and legends of worthy people visiting these planes, to be offered blessing of these gods and to serve them as Champions. To the scholars, travelling to these planes whilst still in one's mortal form is plausible, given this plane is much like any other plane; which therefore it can be travelled to, even though it appears extremely rare and difficult to be able to.

The Soul Stream

The concept of planes between planes originated from here, the Soul Stream. There are been many cases of people waking up from unconsciousness who claim to have travelled through the Soul Stream, but somehow they have returned instead of continuing to the other side. For many of people who have had this near-death experience have also told others of having felt the same sensations of being, not pulled, but guided through a submergence of some water-like substance.
Though this is somewhat unclear, as one would claim to have been able to breathe, whereas another claim they did not even felt the need to breathe. The only common analogy is they felt submerged and guided, as though they have fallen into a flowing river; calm, yet rapid. As to how or why they have returned, differed between individuals. Some say it was their soul clinging onto their mortal bodies as they have not yet fulfilled their destiny, others take it as a blessing by the gods for a second chance; whereas few regards this as a denial of access by the gods until they have proven themselves.

The Hallowed Realms

A Mirrorverse full of death, darkness and doom; the Hallowed Realms is the epitome of corruption. It is a world without suns are stars, yet still has an ominous ambience to its lighting. Those who travel to this plane rarely make it back. Additionally, it is, in most places of Draguna, highly forbidden to return from the Hallow Realms, as doing so also brings in other hallowed entities into the Home Plane. Those who manage to return are found driven by madness, corruption and hatred. Anyone who enters the Home Plane from the Hallowed Realms is hunted by the Hallowed Hunters.

The Void

It is said the Void is the space between dimensions. It is the space where there is nothing. Scholars also refer this as to the Null Space. Nothing is there, nothing exists; everything in that 'plane' (argued to even be called a plane) is reduced to nothingness. This has become theorised after instances of people travelling between the planes have not arrived at their intended destination, and are also still missing. Scholars are still researching the matter of perhaps there is a Plane between Planes.

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