Re'em or Wild Ox, sometimes referred to as the Unicorn of the Dead is a strange beast released to the Auroch, but possessing a single, thick horn they shed and regrew annually, and with an odd coloration that sets them apart from other bovines.

Basic Information


In most respects, Re'em resemble other bovines, particularly the auroch. They are large and possess a single horn growing from their forehead reminiscent of a straightened rhinoceroses horn.   They are a sexually dimorphic species females being larger than their male counterparts, though both possess horns.

Genetics and Reproduction

A cow will have one or two calves ever year or two. They have a 9 month and 9 day gestation period.

Growth Rate & Stages

Calves live in herds with their Mother for the first 7 to 9 years of their lives. They are often weened from their mother's milk after 3 months.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Re'em live in Matriarchal herds lead by the Matriarch and her eldest daughters. She chooses 3 to 5 bulls to be her companions who help guard the herd and mate with her.


The Trivian Folk have domesticated the Re'em, but few others have been fortunate enough to work with a herd in a peaceful manner. Their intelligence requires one to partner with them, not tend them like livestock.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Re'em horn are potent magical artifacts that are used in various crafts. It is often carved into amulets and talismans, or powdered for use in potions and alchemy.   Their milk has powerful restorative properties. The sales of both has brought great wealth to the Trivian Folk.

Facial characteristics

The faces of the Re'em are white with little to no markings on them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Re'em originated in the Middle East, and according to Rephaim legend, were a gift to Lilith from the Luminaries to sustain her and her children. After their domestication by the Rephaim, they spread throughout the world.   Wild herds on persisting in the shadowland wilds.

Average Intelligence

The intelligence of the Re'em should never be underestimated, like their cousin species the Hesat, they are wise creatures with much wisdom to share with those who take the time to sit and listen to them, but they have no patience for the proud, vain, or greedy.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is believed that Re'em can see as well in complete darkness as they can in the full light of the sun. They can also perceive magic, and are known to follow etheric threads to their source or target.   Legends say that Re'em can sense the approach of death. Herds would arrive before natural disasters and battle. Other stories claim they cause such disasters to punish the sins of the people. This has caused them to be worshiped and hunted by various cultures throughout history.

Conservation Status
The Re'em is all but extinct outside of the Shadowland preserves set aside for such magical beasts to thrive in.
Average Height
At the shoulder: Cows: 155–180 cm (61–71 in Bulls 135–155 cm (53–61 in)
Average Weight
up to 1,500 kg (3,310 lb)
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their neck, chest to the center of their back is bright blue, mottled with white and black markings. Their legs and belly are black, and their hindquarters is white mottled black.


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