Glamour Spasms

Glamour Spasms is a condition first recorded in 1965, though it is suspected to go back much farther in history.

Transmission & Vectors

Glamour spasms are contagious, but the actual vector of transmission is still uncertain. Only a few people exposed to an infectious patient contract the ailment leading some to believe there are contributing factors that lead to the infection.   I has been theorized that a sprite, demon, or devil is the real cause and they only curse those who have a desire to become famous, but no Confessor or Pardoner has yet been able to confirm this.


It is thought that Glamour Spasms began as a Divine curse that spread from its intended target into the community. Others believe it was started by a mischievous spirit annoyed by the rise of television and radio.   The most interesting theory is that it began as either a potion or a pact with some spirit or devil to achieve celebrity or fame.  The first documented outbreak was in London in 1965 where the condition affected models, musicians, and movie stars. Attempts to contain the illness where successful, but the condition was not stamped out.


Victims of Glamour Spasms exhibit many odd and eccentric behaviors that attract the attention and fascination of those around them. Eventually, they lose touch with their lives and their friends, and lights begin to flash randomly around them as they are pulled more into their delusions.


In 1991, Healer Sefora Querin discovered the only known effective treatment, a potion of Lotus Tree Flower enchanted to bring about inner peace. The Draught of Inner Quelling prevents the condition from developing, and in most cases stops the symptoms all together. It is only a treatment, but she continued working with her patients and later that year found a cure.   Believing the condition was similar to the Tarantella, she worked with a group of Stregans to develop a dance ritual similar to the cure for the Little Spider Bite, and found it to be completely successful in the treatment of the condition.


If left untreated, Glamour Spasms will lead to the victim completely losing touch with reality, resulting in delusions, insanity, wasting, and too often self harm, but not what there is a treatment and a cure, it is completely reversable.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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