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Acorn cakes

Acorn cakes are a staple food among the Útels of western Dragonía, as acorns are their traditional main crop rather than cereals. The ancient Alalaríans, ancestors of the Útels, were the first to make them, though it wasn't until agriculture became the norm that the cakes became a staple part of their cuisine.
They are a common snack among farmers, hunters, miners and others who spend most of their day away from home. Útels inhabiting the colonies and westernmost city-states of the Ameders often make these cakes as well, even though the acorns need to be imported there.
These are usually the first local food travelers try out when visiting Ela'k Forest, due to its ubiquity.
In its most basic form, each cake is made from a small portion of a mixture of acorn meal and water, which is then fried on a clay pan over fire (traditionally using grape seed oil) or a heated stone. More elaborate kinds are served at festivals; one of the most popular versions of the cakes have raisins and chopped almonds in them and served with honey, though other dried fruits or berries (including the fruits of Gaþól Trees, Vipló Trees and Yþral Shrubs) can be used along with various spices as well, depending on the region. Birch sap is also used in the Ameder states.
The Þandans of southern Kanot in western Ela'k Forest have their own version of acorn cakes which they call gold nuggets, named after colour they get when mixed with honey and yellow yþral berries.
As all Útel dishes, acorn cakes are traditionally served in shallow clay bowls, and washed down with wine or mead.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
* Acorn meal
* Water
* Fruits, berries, nuts, spices, honey (optional)

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