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Deadwood Tree

Written by Sierra Brown

A species of evergreen tree native to the northern ashlands of Ak'Aidor. The Deadwood is well known for its dark, dull brown leaves, ashy-black bark, and grayish colored wood. This tree's wood is commonly used in Drakon construction and tools.


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Dotting the landscape of Ak'Aidor are tall coniferous trees with ashy-black trunks and dull brown leaves. Known as deadwoods, these trees are the only source of lumber available in the entire Ak'Aidor region and are the primary building material used by the Drakon for both structures and tools. Such constructions are easily recognizable by the ashy-gray color of the tree's inner wood.

Basic Information



In general structure and shape, deadwood is the typical pine. It has sturdy deep reaching roots, a tall thick trunk, and an array of branches ending in prickly leaves. Unlike other trees, however, it lives up to its namesake with a dark gray-black trunk and brown leaves, giving the appearance of being dead. Despite this, the tree still grows and lives like any other pine - Although those trees found within the Deadwoods forest grow at a magically accelerated rate.

Ecology and Habitats


Feeding off the magical aura of Kithar's influence, the deadwood tree can only survive within the Ak'Aidor region where Kithar's power is strong. The tree lives solely off this magical power and has no need for nutrients from the soil or light from the always obscured sky. The trees provide homes for various animals, especially in the more densely packed forests, providing shelter and a place for rest. Such creatures include birds and smaller creatures that live up in the branches or among the tree's roots.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation


As the only source of lumber for the Drakon people, the deadwood tree is harvested and used for everything one might need wood for: Tools, weapons, arrows, bridges, fences, walls, boats, and other structures are all made from the ashy-gray wood of the deadwood. The material is so commonplace that many Drakon tend to take it for granted, relying heavily on shipments of lumber from the Deadwoods forest in the western portion of Ak'Aidor.

Conservation Status
Least Concern

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