Prologue 1: The Job

The Setting

Set a number of years ago, this vignette is how Rainer met Dante.   Rainier Cloudburst   You've been hired by the Harpers to steal a small book from Godfrey Margaster. You've scouted Lord Margaster and have seen the book you need to obtain; a small, leather bound book, with a dark purple ribbon hanging out the top. Your intelligence gathering leaves you to believe that Lord Margaster does not usually bring the ledger with him to social events. You know that Lord Margaster will be attending a masquerade with his children this evening. Tonight is your chance to get into Lord Margaster's estate and obtain the book.   Dante Margaster   Your father and his children have been invited to a masquerade hosted by the open lord. You've spent weeks preparing an amazing outfit, featuring your wings, something you usually keep hidden. At the last minute your father informs you that you will not be attending, as he wishes to make a favorable impression on the other guests and does not wish you there. You are forced to stay home. All the service staff with the exception of the butler, Ribbles Gummen, have been given the night off. What would you be doing that night?

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