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Dragon Falls

a small villiage, in a rare clearing in the endless woods, this town is presided over by baron Sarzek, who is just, and all about expanding the village, any race is welcome here, although it is frowned upon to carry weapons in public, unless you are a guard


20% elves, 10% dragonborn, 15% human, 15% various undead, 10% halfling, 6% various monstrous races, 10% tiefling 14% other


the settlement is chaotic neutral, baron sarzek will personally get involved in a conflict to keep it from coming to blows, violence is STRONLY frowned upon, with imprisonment for both parties almost certain. in the event of an irreconcilable difference, the wronged parties must decide on a contest to settle the matter, be it combat, or some test of skill


animate bone wall, hundreds of undead, who can be raised by sarzek or dmitri whenever it is needed, karn the giant/elemental, 3 undead dragons, waiting to be raised


due to there being no other known settlements nearby, the town makes everything itself, having someone who does almost every craft, and silvermane making sure that merchants cant mess with the economy


the town, despite being small, has a large amount of highly skilled craftsmen, due to sarzek personally freeing/helping them in some way earlier in his career, as an adventurer


sarzek himself has an almost limitless supply of magic items, due to the fact that he took two separate mage towers and teleported them to his town


a 30 mile clearing, surrounded by a bone wall, in an endless wilderness

Natural Resources

steel and adamantite in the mountain, ironwood, and cedar in the druids forest, a large farm which raises cows, sheep, pigs, and dwarf bulettes
Location under
the drowned forest
Sarzek the Broken

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