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The Dragon of Fire Toth

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The ancient Tevinter associated the constellation "Toth", with him

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Like the other Old Gods, Toth endorsed the ancient Tevinter Magisters attempt to reach the Golden City and spoke to the High Priest of Toth, who used the alias, "The Forgewright of Fire" and told them to join in the endeavor.   Toth was awakened and tainted by the darkspawn in 3:10 Towers, incurring the Third Blight. After fifteen years of conflict, he was slain at Hunter Fell by the combined armies of the Grey Wardens, Orlais and the Tevinter Imperium in 3:25 Towers. The blade used to kill Toth broke into three pieces and was later refashioned into the three identical daggers, each called the Thorn of the Dead Gods

Divine Classification
The Old Gods
Biological Sex

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