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High Dragon

Basic Information

Biological Traits

High dragons are fully mature adult female dragons, one of the rarest of all dragonkin.

Genetics and Reproduction

Once every hundred years or so, the high dragon prepares for clutching by emerging from her lair and taking wing. She will fly far and wide, eating hundreds of animals, most often livestock, over the course of a few weeks and leaving smoldering devastation in her wake. During this time entire villages and forests can be reduced to ash, leaving hundreds dead or displaced. She then returns to her lair to lay her eggs and will not appear in the skies again for another century

Ecology and Habitats

High dragons hollow out massive lairs for themselves, for they need the space to house their harem of drakes as well as their eggs and the dragonlings   High dragons are extremely territorial and will typically attack almost anything that trespasses near its lair. Even creatures as large and powerful as giants (and even other high dragons) must be cautious when a high dragon's lair is nearby.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Princeps Draco
over a thousand years

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