Elponamte Syndrome

Eloponamte syndrome is contracted via bite from the snake-like head of the The Elponamte. It is not a commonly used attack by the Elponamte who prefer to use their strong arms and hands to bludgeon and grab enemies. It only affects humans and humanoids and harmless to others.

Transmission & Vectors

The syndrome is contracted by humanoid species via a bite from the snake-like head of the Elponamte. Contact with air exposed venom, that the Elponamte has expanded to ease pressure on his glands, results in simple skin irritation that can easily be washed off with water.


Intially a short-lived (two to three days) low-grade fever and congestion commonly attributed to the common cold. Appearing to recover for three days, the victim then begins to experience a high fever, body aches, nausea, and exhaustion. These symptoms can last from four to seven days. No symptoms may then be apparent for days even months follwing the second stage of infection with the symdrome, however when the third stage is marked by a dehydration of the skin and eventual scaling of the skin. The victim takes on the appearance of having a scaly, snake-like skin that sheds daily, often exposing patches of skin that is bleeding and requires bandaging and care or other infections can take hold.


Anti-venom doses can be used to abate and eventually end the progression of the syndrome. Lightsharpe can be administered to provide comfort to a victim in the third stage along with bandaging and anti-infection protocols. Each stage can be abated by the administration of three doses of anti-venom, specifcially snake, over three successive days and a month of bed rest.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species


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