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Long ago our world was a magical place inhabited by all sorts of fantastical creatures. Back then Earth was known by a different name, Draconia. Draconia was a place of magic, true magic, wizards and dragons were common sights kings and queens fought political battles around the table while Knights and Dames battled vampires, werewolves, demons and basically everybody else) with sword and shield. In the modern age, most people no longer believe that these things exist and those that do believe that they all died off long ago but I assure you that this is not the case. Rather those beings have learned to hide themselves. Dragons adopt their human form more often and very rarely show their true selves. Your next-door neighbor suffering from dwarfism is most likely a real dwarf, and most people over five-ten are probably elves. Furthermore, I happen to possess a seeing stone that allows me to look into the future to a time after WWIII when humanity is but a shadow of its former self the fantastic creatures of the world see the opportunity to show themselves once more and being to roam the world again alongside a number of genetically modified beasts.

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