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The Universe is a big, scary place, that much we know. There's pirates, smugglers, alien conquerors, and perhaps its biggest monster: Bureaucracy.   The world of Downfall is an independent writing exercise created for organizing and connecting me and my friends' Tabletop Game (particularly D&D) Campaigns, there's ton of stuff that was born out of inside jokes and memorable moments, and it will likely keep growing that way, alongside each story's characters and plot.   Populating the World of Downfall are many diverse races and beings; mysteries to be solved; and conflicts that lay unresolved. Although the world expands beyond that, most of the stories of Downfall are set in various planets on the Milky Way galaxy, with its wonderfully corrupt and decadent government system; races for automaton rights; artificial universes; and terrors laying just behind the intergalactic curtain. Have fun!   Oh, and one more thing!   "Wu, ig'a tmrn dcabr a jpatr hnaf'b vt? Ntd buif mexgy fxskr tb zmv nrbcfl vn, fw eiay gpavts fw lw fer ifl... Qaetavts ctwife, qwf'b fpric ab lbcv, buefm wies uinma't uiv uhcu... mpmecvaw qa a jpatr. Cbuw bb tuqfs bf vb, fwae bn eg yizjk pnvr. Pmp. Aoj vge, loh lgv'g hndw bb grb sty wbzcmq uc tasr tuil, bueem'k xyeabq ws mr ngz rvrzqwae, wckb... nsx vakrll, g'cvbw? Bp, lpnt'f zaout, lwm knn'g cflrrfbsvq mr ifgjal, ksv loh? Ezig a fpsur."

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