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Moderate sized drab green avian with plain coloration. They live in the mountains, primarily north of the Lavoxen River.  
Emeni live in the mountainous regions of Dosjorya, preferring the northern areas as the mountains are not as tall and have more vegetation on their slopes. They are one of the more numerous Gendirl species and non-nesting individuals with no duties to their clan happily roam far and wide. They tend to be friendly to all of Dosjorya's inhabitants, including humans.   Emeni resemble a very large eagle in shape, though not in color. Their bodies have uniformly drab green feathers, though the feathers that make up their crest are a little more vibrant. Punctuating the uniform green is the yellowish orange of their beaks and scaly legs. Emeni have thick layers of under feathers that grow in around wintertime. Unlike eagles or other birds, Emeni have a more reptilian wing structure, though small feathers cover their wing membranes.    Omnivorous in nature, Emeni prefer to eat small animals but can live on soft plant matter as well. Particular favorites are berries and seeds. Unless very hungry, an Emen will refuse to eat prey that is not freshly killed. Bonded Emeni often speak of a like for human made soups and stews as they can taste food items that are normally too tough for their beaks to chew.   Emeni rarely flock without good reason, but if given a reason they will happily do so. Each individual is as happy on its own as it is socializing with others and for that reason they are one of the happiest species. Mates remain forever faithful to each other but do not always choose to rear young every year. After a year in a nest. young are encouraged to join the main clan to learn how to fly and forage. Non-nesting individuals, many of which are paired, love to fly to new places though rarely stray to lands sparsely habited by Gendirlo. They also will willingly carry humans and their messages to other cities, even if they are not bonded.

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Cover image: by Jen Wright


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