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Newsham is a big city located in the center of Ereth from Dorius. It is ruled by a dictator named Hause Franklin and mostly constituted by knights, fighters, and warriors, who hate and forbid all wizards, sorcerers, and alike. The hate from all magic-related stuff came from a past event that happened 8 years ago. At that time, a wizard from Exeter came to Newsham and killed Hause's wife, Galleia, and stole its soul. No one knows why the wizard did that or who he was, but since them, Huse prohibited any sort of magic in his domain.    Newsham is considered the second most popular end powerful city in Dorius. It rules Myrefall, Vrok, and Froria and has an army with more than 15.000 men. Many manifestations have been made by the population during the Hause government, but the great majority of them have ceased because of the great war between Newsham and Exeter. Along with the hunting of the wizards, there is a strong prejudice against all non-human races. The reason for it is unknown, but it is for sure that any other race other than human that enters the Shomian territory is certain to be mistreated by its population.


Humans: 84%   Elves: 4%   Dwarves: 3,2%   Gnomes: 2,8%   Half-orcs: 2%   Others: 3%


Newsham is ruled by the king Hause Franklin, a dictator that does anything necessary to achieve his goals. He rules his kingdom by killing the ones who oppose him and imposing strict and invasive rules against the citizens. In this city, all of the common and expected laws come in action, the only ones that are more rare and specific of this city are the magic prohibition and lack of rights for non-humans. In that city, spellcasters, if discovered by Newsham's guard, will be arrested and possibly executed. The non-humans, on the other hand, can live in Newsham, but they cannot open shops, participate in the army, live together with humans, marry humans, and many other things.    Newsham is divided into two sections, the exterior wall, and the inner wall. The inner wall is where all of the nobles and governors stay and live. There are lots of good stores there, which sell expensive products. The exterior wall is where all of the army and the citizens live. The simpler and more affordable stores reside there and are where the low-level party players will probably be.   The 7 most noble titles in Newsham are The King, The Queen, The High Priest, The Advisor, The Council, The General, and The Sage. The King is the one who rules Newsham and takes all of the decisions. The Queen is the one married to the king. The High Priest is the leader of the Church of Tyr, that commands the religion on the city and pulls some ropes behind the scenes. The Advisor is the one who stays by the king's side and advises his decisions, but the king can still make anything he wants without the advisor's permission. The council is a total of 5 people, who meet with the advisors to decide the future of the Newsham. The General is the one who rules Newsham's army and commands it. The Sage is the only wizard kept alive in Newsham. He is considered to be the wisest person in the whole city and is very often consulted in important decisions. The Sage is also summoned when a threat appears and needs magical assistance.


Newsham is protected by 2 walls, one that protects the outer layer of the city, where the common folk lives, and a smaller and more protected one, where the nobles live. Various guards keep watch at all of the walls at all times, having at least 10 at the gates at any moment. Alongside that, Newsham has 2 keeps, both located inside of the inner wall.


Newsham keeps its business by buying and selling the various products produced there, but the main source of income comes from a river nearby, that lets them plant a wide variety of crops in the fertile grounds. These trades happen mostly with the merchants that come from the cities under the control of Newsham, but they also happen between some settlements outside of Ereth.


Newsham possesses all kinds of structures, it includes forges, windmills, sewers, blast furnaces, docks, castles, keeps, and many other things. Basically, if you want something, it'll be available in Newsham (if it's not magic of course).


Newsham holds lots of assets, such as a very big a powerful army, with approximately 15.000 soldiers, 2.000 horses, 500 ships, etc. Talking about territory, Newsham holds 3 cities and has one of the biggest temples in Dorius, that cultuates Tyr, the god of justice and law. Newsham also rules the Barren Peaks, a mountain range that holds lots of metals and natural coal.

Guilds and Factions

Newsham rules over Myrefall, Vrok, and Froria, together with other smaller cities inside of Newsham's territory. They can impose their laws, cultures and policies in their lands and ignore their subordinate's opinions or other already installed policies and cultures.


Newsham was created 930 years ago, founded by the first humans to get on Dorius. No one knows where they came from or how they were created, but the common religion says that Tyr created the first humans and created a fertile and hot landmass for them, but the non-human races invaded the place and raided the lands. The folk says Tyr helped the human race to overcome the others and create the biggest nation. Since the beginnings of Newsham, the government always invested a lot in the military, which made it possible for them to exterminate all of the non-human races from Ereth, but many of them still live hidden from the army and the government. From there, the city kept growing, to reach the status they have today.   Before Hause became king, the previous ruler of the land was Helmo Franklin, father of Hause. The kingdom back then was still a dictatorship with the power centered on the king. But in his kingdom things were different from how they are now. At that time, magic was still not banished from Newsham, nor were non-humans deprived of their rights. Helmo lacked what Hause has, motivation, Hause does things to avenge his dead wife, while Helmo reigned because it was his duty. Because of that, the territories of Newsham weren't that big, they only had control over small towns in their surroundings, but when Hause joined the crown, they managed to expand their kingdom through all of Ereth.


The structures in Newsham are made, mainly, made out of stone and wood. They have a medieval style, with carefully placed stone bricks composing the walls and beautiful engravings in the structure of some of the bigger structures. The walls of the castles and keeps are tainted with a whitewash, to show the obscene amounts of money that Newsham holds. This white tone to the stone makes a lot of people call this place The White City.


Newsham is located in the middle of a plateau, close to a big swamp, and connected to one of the biggest rivers in the region, that creates fertile lands on its surroundings.

Founding Date
602 AB
Alternative Name(s)
The White City
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Hause Franklin
Characters in Location

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