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The humans in Dorius are the most abundant race. They reign the entire continent of Ereth and are present in most of the settlements in Azera. In most human civilizations, magic is strictly prohibited, because of Hause's policy. Together with that, most humans are very racist, being aggressive, and rude to all non-humans. They stand at approximately 1,6m tall and 80kg of weight average. Most of them have a withe-ish pale tone to their skin, but the variety is very wide, ranging from very dark black to light blue (these are cases of human and non-human crossbreed).    The origin of humans is unknown even to the hight scholars and mages, but it is said that they were created by some god as a reflection of themselves, and from the humans, other non-human races were born, through magical means. Because they're the original and first ones, the humans are the most numerous ones and win almost every one of their fights with number, not power. AS said before, the non-humans are magic-born variants of humans and, because of that, have biological advantages against them.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The humans reach maturity at 18 years old and live to an average of 60 years.

Ecology and Habitats

The humans can live in any environment in Dorius, ranging from calm forests to the highest mountains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The humans need to eat 2 basic meals per day to stay healthy, they can be composed of meat, fruits, vegetables, roots, etc.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The humans can create any kind of society together, they're very adaptive creatures and change very quickly depending on the ruler or the political situation of the surroundings. Their political system can range from republics, dictatorship, empires, kingdoms, etc.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The humans are spread throughout all of Dorius, being found in any sort of civilization, with few exceptions. Having said that, the humans are mostly concentrated in Ereth.

Average Intelligence

The humans have considerably high intelligence, being smarter than most non-human races, but still dumber than the elves and gnomes.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The humans don't have any kind of magical powers, enhanced senses, or poison. The only thing they have is their perseverance, number, and sense of union.

60 years
Conservation Status
The humans remained alive through all of these years because of their numbers, seen as the other races have the biological advantage.
Average Height
1,5 - 1,8m
Average Weight
55 - 90kg
Geographic Distribution

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