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This clear, hot liquid is served across Doreymos in cafes, bars, and The Clankbang Foundry , much to the delight of the hard workers there. Distilled from a specific variety of nectar, Hummwhirr is a potent energizing drink, providing an advanced level of alertness to those who drink it. Almost sickeningly sweet, only the greatest of sweet tooths drink it straight, and even they often struggle to keep it down; traditionally, a bowl of salt is provided to help take the edge off, and it's often sold alongside bland crackers or sourdough hunks to help those who have difficulty drinking it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

After consuming one cup of Hummwhirr, the drinker gets a +2 to saves against Sleep effects and reduces the severity of any Sleepiness or Exhaustion by one step for one hour. (Extreme Drowsiness is treated as Moderate Drowsiness, Exhaustion is treated as Fatigue, etc.) For every cup ingested before acquiring a full night's sleep, the duration is reduced by 50%; after five cups, it provides no further benefit until the drinker gets a full night's sleep again.   If drinking it without salt, the drinker must also make a DC 7 fortitude save or spit out the Hummwhirr, unable to keep down the sickening sweetness.


Hummwhirr is a cultural phenomenon in Doreymos. First furnished by a hermetic sage of the Jhal Collective , it was designed to be the ultimate pick-me-up for scientists and engineers working intense hours in to the night. The original version was extracted straight from the plant the hermetic sage created, but a Clankbang engineer soon independently developed a way to concentrate large quantities of it and brew it in to a more potent (if much sweeter) variety using less of the liquid to produce more servings. While its general use has swept the city by storm, with most people drinking the 'goblinized' version formulated by Clankbang, there's still a cult following of people who still only drink Hamveir, the un-concentrated version.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Common, uncommon if you prefer Hamveir.
8 fl. oz.
Base Price
1 gp/cup

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