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Lowly Supplicant

You know nothing of the magical world, but wish to. As a result you are only given access to the ground floors of any wizards tower, however this also gives you access to any of the entry-level rituals of the University and maybe a few local gems the higher ups might have overlooked.


     You can locate members of his group while in town; doing so calls for a roll of 14 or less on 3d. Success lets you stay with a colleague for up to a week, saving the $150 cost of living (Dungeons, p. 4). Roll again weekly. Critical failure means the hero must provide aid, paying a professional colleague’s cost of living for the week as well as his own. The delver may also ask for small favors – being hidden while hunted, a short-term loan of up to $100, etc. – but this calls for a reaction roll at +3, scoring at least a “Good” reaction. Refusing to reciprocate, causing property damage, or defaulting on loans can cost the adventurer his rank in the Society.
     This normally benefits one person. However, a reaction of “Good” or better – this time without the +3 – extends the hospitality to one associate in the same or a similar profession. This means a fellow thief, or maybe a scout or an bard, and so on.
Magical, Professional
Length of Term
Until promotion or retirement
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